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Knight’s Guide to Surviving World Boss Attack

Hey guys, in this short guide I talk about Knights being able to survive the attacks from the World Boss in Wartune!

Short Beginner Info

The whole server may participate in killing the World Boss, and the damage is added together to kill it. As servers merge together, becoming larger, World Boss tends to die fairly quickly. After roughly 5 of attacks the World Boss does on a player, it does a large “ultimate” attack which is intended to completely kill, ending the round.

Knights & Agoran Shield

The Knight Class has a way of avoiding this deathly blow by the use of the Agoran Shield method. A player may activate Agoran Shield just before their sylph points are fully ready to be awakened. This allows enough time to put the shield up and then awaken into sylph form before the boss does its ultimate attack. When the boss does its ultimate attack, most of the player’s HP will diminish but the player will still be alive. After the ultimate attack, the boss will repeat its pattern of attacks all over again, allowing the player to get a full sylph round in before the next ultimate attack goes off again. If the World Boss is still alive at this point, the player may cancel their sylph before all their awakening points have been used and put their Agoran Shield up again before the ultimate attack goes off. With this strategy, theoretically, a strong player can fight “forever”.

The Agoran Shield method works more efficiently the higher your stats are. The lower your stats the higher chance of this this method not working.

Video Demonstration

In this video here, I have shown how a Knight is able to utilize the Agoran Shield method to attack the World Boss with 2 player rounds and to awake into Sylph twice.

What about Mages and Archers?

Mage/Archer class can actually also survive. These 2 classes can also survive the ultimate attack as well if they use the Ice Shield skill of a water sylph. However, the water sylph does not do much damage to the boss as it is more of a supportive sylph.

Was World Boss survival always possible?

No. Wartune evolves via patch updates and various fixes and over the years players found various strategies to survive the World Boss ultimate attack and then the game code was changed making these strategies useless, but players always try to find more ways. So depending on the Wartune version that is currently installed for you this strategy might work or might not.


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  1. I can also certify that the attack can be survive by the knight’s knighthood skills on the defense path.

    • I am not quite to knighthood yet. It’s good to know that those skills can help with that. Thanks for letting me know

  2. i hope that the world boss will be converted in solo event and that we can see the us rank the day after. so we could do the world boss always with the same cd (for example 5 minutes) and wb with unlimited hp.

    and we could do when we want and only 1 wb.

    • That would be very nice. I have seen the devs talk about increasing world boss health or doing it just timed based, but nothing has changed on that aspect. We are only able to get through one hit on our first world boss. Depending on the day of the week, we can do more attacks on the last world boss because most of the server is asleep then lol

      • I have seen several people say the health can’t be increased since it is maxed now due to the limits of flash. But yeah, I agree that something needs to be done with WB. I am on a fairly dead server and still only get 3 rounds or less. I think we all know that they could easily change it for the better but they decide not to. That would be helping the players to much.

      • I heard that a lot too. Though It could be easily bypassed by having WB respawn, as long as event time limit wasn’t reached yet. And let’s be honest, it would be tremendous help for long term-middle players, but of little to anyone else. There is limit to how much gold you may ever use (astro and forge) to progress. This would turn HF events into WT holiday celebration that sylph events are, but damn. People could use something like that. People who were going to whale their way to knighthood already did that, and it isn’t like there are so many exchanges that worth the effort.

      • I got 3 toon in kh without spending a dime Mage khi got archer
        Check me out on server 44 neobahamut

  3. Hey cosmos.. quick question.. there is an icon that says get free balens on wartune official site.. once u clicked that there are multiple icons that u can use to recharge… here in my country i can only use mobile to recharge.. but now i cant because those icons are now gone… why?? is it bugged or removed?

    • Same thing here. I also could only recharge using said method. When I wrote to support about it, i got this reply:

      Hi Elayne,
      We apologize for your inconvenience. Due to a commercial dispute, PCL is closing the Supersonic payment platform (Free Gold) temporarily at 00:00 on September 5th (PDT).

      So I guess we gotta wait it out until they settle whatever dispute they’re talking about.

    • You mean like payment options? Those change over years. For example in the past we used to be able to use game cards and now we can’t.

      • oh thats just sad… if it changes then i think i can no longer recharge because im only a 15 year old without credit card… my only hope for recharging is through prepaid load T_T… i hope it dont change

  4. r world boss does n’t last long enuf to do ultimate attack

  5. This was needed some patches ago. Nowadays, I can go in WB and get 1 round in and the WB would be defeated within 1-2 min.

  6. hey cosmos….. do u have any idea if they are going to bring back the 4th year title exchange?? i still havent got the chance to grab those.. thanks

  7. wb it out of whack agree there. I get 7-20mill per round. Usually get 30mill per boss. That is insane. But since they took out HP, guild wealth is suffering, and it helps to make up for that. I hope they add something to guild store. And I see all guild leaders keep going to wb, instead of leaving the gold to those who need it. I go as long as the other guild masters go lol

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