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Wind Steal Strategy for Winning TOK for any BR Players

Hey guys, in this article I share with you a powerful Wind Steal strategy for winning Tower of Kings Nightmare or any other difficulty depending on your BR. Generally speaking, this strategy will allow you to beat much more difficult levels than what you are currently doing in a normal fighting way.

What you will need:

  • 3-4 cooperative players to implement the strategy with correct timings together
  • Each person with Wind sylph with Steal skill (see skill info at the bottom of the article)
  • Additional things that help a lot:
    • Archer with scatter or Scatter Rune (Purge). But the rune is less effective against 8 targets (4 enemies and 4 eudaemons)
    • Whispering Wind skill just to buff up damage; from 1-2 players is enough

Steal Strategy for Winning TOK – Exact Steps:

Before Sylph awakening:

  1. Use Chaos Rune.
  2. Use any AOE (area) damage skill. Note: archer should scatter any suntoria / apollo.
  3. Here depending on your lag you might have enough time to do 1 more skill, otherwise, if not, wait 5-10 seconds to be the first to activate sylph mode. Note: Do NOT stun enemy before sylph mode – you want all 4 of them to enter sylph mode.

Sylph Awakening:

There are 2 possibilities after awaken: If you are the designated person for casting the Whispering Wind skill then do that first while everyone else should cast the Steal skill. Note: you should click the Steal skill only if you see all 4 enemies entering sylph mode. If even one of them is stuck casting his last skill before sylph awakening then wait for him to click awaken. This is because you want your Steal to hit all 4 of them.

Consequences of 4x Steal

You can see on the below small picture that when you awaken you will have 3000 Awakening Points. Remember that it costs 500 points for anyone to use a powerful Delphic skill (which is often the point when people fail battles). And, you actually need more than 500 points to cast a Delphic because there is lag and waiting time for your sylph to do the casting. So when a 4 people team use 4x Steal skill then the enemy Awakening Points reduce by 2000 leaving them only 1000, which, due to lag and waiting periods is not enough to do much (not Delphic certainly).

The enemy is forced to get out of sylph mode while your party has near full Awakening Points since you Steal theirs to you. Steal skill is also an AOE type, so it works very nicely in this situation against 8 targets and can be followed up by Delphic Apocalyptic Hurricane (still with the 30% buff).

At that point the enemy is usually dead and often it does not even matter on which stage you fight as all fights happen the same way (it could even be that you kill a higher stage faster than a lower stage). If, by any chance, the enemy survives that attack wave then just finish them off the “normal” way.

What about stun?

You really don’t need to stun the enemy in this strategy. If done exactly as I described above the enemy is owned and battles finish fast. The only case where you might consider stun is after the 2 attack waves (Steal AOE + Delphic AOE) – if a particularly strong enemy survives he can be stunned.

Elements slowing down a victory in Tower of Kings (TOK):

  • If enemy does suntoria they could heal a lot per turn thereby delaying their death, so try to scatter it if you have an archer (or with rune, but rune is less effective against 8 targets)
  • If enemy does any AOE heal or Restoration: this can help them before awakening, but normally after awakening you should be able to disable their sylphs and overpower them before they start healing. Otherwise carry a Chaos Rune also for these cases so you try to get them to heal you instead of themselves.
  • If enemy puts an apollo shield. Similar to suntoria above, this will reduce greatly your damage, so try to scatter it if possible.

To conclude, this Wind Steal strategy can only fail if there is an enormous difference in BR, otherwise, it allows you to kill enemies much stronger than you.

Related item info:

Steal Wind Sylph skill in Wartune:

Whispering Wind Sylph skill Wartune:

Steal Strategy Related Video

The Wind/Steal strategy works not only in Tower of Kings but anywhere where you have a team. Here is a video where Elia and her friends have a lot of fun smashing enemies in Titan War using this strategy:


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  1. Actually, if you have 4 of them, you can time it so that every action after awakening someone throws a steal. You’ll never have to come out of awaken since steal give all allies +500 Awaken Pts, so you’re making back 2000 Awaken Pts every 45 sec or so, and you start the cycle again.

    And it keeps your enemies from ever awakening again. Even if they get a bar full, the staggered steals will cancel their awakenings before they can happen, often leaving them stuck in a “do nothing” lurch.

    • well in our experience in TOK NM the enemy can hit real hard if they are allowed so we prefer to hit them hard and fast, without any delay. We are not interested to remain in sylph mode for a long time, just to kill them fast not giving any time for healing / recovery

  2. Kind of pointless if an enemy has a water slyph (which seems to be the only major obstacle for people in defeating tok of any difficulty). They’ll awaken and use raindance before going back to normal mode. Solutions?

    • Chaos is your solution. It is a bit luck based, but it works, more or less.

    • holy seal also works very good, stun when they awaken then kill fast
      I’ve been doing it on tok hard, as long as I can stop heal for 1 sylph turn, my team can kill it

    • i do not see why it is pointless – if your problem is Rain Dance on Turn 1 then you can even allow him to do his Rain Dance and then smash the way i explained in this strategy

      • Well that assumes that your team can kill the water user from max health in just one slyph round (like 2-3 slyph skills maybe?). Really going to depend on the strength of your team. For my team, we aren’t really ever in danger of dying; It’s just killing the water user fast enough that’s the problem. As the others have said chaos and stun seem to be the best way to go. Still a good post, thanks for the info.

      • ok but the person with water sylph will be forced to get out of sylph mode, so there cannot be any water or any other element standing with this strategy and you have all the time you want to kill him in his human form

  3. I always try to stun the healers first then do steal 2x, 4x steal is still too tough for my team, need more heal so we go for 2 winds 2 waters

  4. I just wounder, why a rune is less effective than scatter shot? Lvl 10 Purge affects ALL enemies (that’s what description says). Or is it not true?
    So. the only drawback to me is the fact that you need lvl 10 rune (a truckload of a runestones). Also, rune has limited usages (3) and long CD (45s), but this strategy assumes a fast battle, so you don’t need a second usage.

    • I said that because on my server very rarely there is someone who has it maxed out to level 10. I have it on level 8 for example.
      I think that is because nobody really uses that rune, so why would they invest into it more than level 4 which was previously sufficient.
      People nowadays i see usually just go with a standard set of a Heal Rune and Chaos Rune. Although some could deviate, most people i saw just go with those 2 and 99% of the time never use the Purge Rune so don’t put attention in it.
      Lastly, there is also the issue of CD. An Archer can keep scattering rather fast. You cannot do that with runes.

  5. ok I tried im 3.3mil BR and cant even do tok easy with 3 or 4 ppl I tried using goddess of prosperity shouldn’t tok easy be easier than the rest

    • oh I gotcha everyone needs wind sry miss read ill try it again tomorrow

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