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To Will or Not to Will – That’s the Mystery Shop Question

Hey everyone! In this article we look at the new prices of the Will Crystals in Wartune’s Mystery Shop. Special thanks to Farik for messaging me on this topic.

So first and foremost let’s look at the different offers / prices of Level 5 and Level 6 Will Crystals.

Mystery Shop Will Crystal Prices

So here are 3 screenshots from the Mystery Shop showing 3 offers:

  • Level 5 Will Crystal for 450 balens (bb = OK) and 60k Kyanite
  • Level 6 Will Crystal for 1310 balens (bb = OK) and 175k Kyanite
  • Level 6 Will Crystal for 1050 balens (bb = OK) and 70 Mystery Stone

To Will or Not to Will Discussion

So, certainly, there are going to be both people who like these offers and those who don’t. The offers are certainly not bad but I am going to take the position of not recommending to buy these, even at lower prices, and I will explain below why.

It all comes down to choosing where to invest your resources and how difficult it is to achieve these crystals without spending. I can imagine a starting player, maybe a light casher who has a bunch of bound balens, might get a strong boost if he or she buys these (getting a bunch can help synth quickly to a higher level), so that could be an exception where this could be a good idea.

But otherwise I suggest to directly compare this cost with the cost of the 10 x Rider’s Box, which is 4000 bound balens, which I think is a better place to spend your bound balens than this. This is because you get at least 1 mount and it could be a big one also. And the mount will directly increases your stats and not in a fake BR way.

Whereas the Will Crystal Shards can be gathered daily via Dimensions and then synthesized into Will Crystals over time. There are also the rare Gem Chests in the Guild Treasure which can boost your Crystal power.

Of course someone could say “what if you already have all the mounts in the Mount Shop?” and to this I would say that all the people in Wartune who have this most probably don’t need Level 5 or 6 Will Crystals 🙂

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  1. i’ve stopped of buy them from about 1 year but i thought was easier raise them in future…

    best worth is buy that with the mystery stones. but are so rare that maybe you have right on get them with other items tat are more common…

    i remember we could get them also with the daru.

  2. also lvl 6 will crystal you can get if helping for orange gem chest in guild treasure

  3. Did you notice a lot of prices went down. Adv Mahra used to be 500 bb for 50, last time I saw it it was 70

    What do I buy from the mystery shop? If I’m not buying anything else that day, usually a level 2 diamond for 20-30 balens (unbound) for devo on rave days or the days you get a free item for buying something cheap. sometimes as cheap as 10.

    I’ve also noted that the changes in mount synthesis predicted with patch only partially happened. Still get incubus dragon from BI but unicorn is gone.

    Unannounced mount shop refresh this week was nice though

    • Thanks – I didn’t know that the mount shop had been refreshed. Been so long since there was a mount in there that I didn’t have that I had stopped checking.

  4. Resist reduction is not fake BR it boost your damage. I would put Penetration as fake br since it only works on block AND gives tons of br.

    • To be fair nowhere in this article is written that RES Red. is fake BR.
      – COSMOS

      • “and the mount will directly increase your stats and not in a fake BR way”. Your words not mine.

      • Yes and nowhere in that line says anything about RES Reduction being fake BR.

      • you should read what you wrote before replying coments. The article are all about Will crystals and the sentence refered were about a comparison of riders chests and will crystals and not about resistance crystals.
        Anyway you can justify what you are saying here the way you want it will not change the words in the article.

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