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Wartune World Cup Events Q&A and Discussion

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you all the details I have compiled so far about the Wartune World Cup events as well as have a discussion with you about it. So let’s jump into it and talk about both the good and the bad things about this #Wartune initiative / event.

Wartune World Cup events poll results

I am going to start with a poll I had launched on DolyGames Wartune Facebook page where I asked people “Do you like #Wartune ‘s World Cup event (items / setup / exchanges / etc)?” giving 2 options for players to vote on: “YES, good event / design” and “NO, bad event / complex” and while the poll is still going to run for 5 more days here is what the results look like so far, which, I believe, give a very clear picture:

As we can see the vast majority of Wartune players who participated in this poll voted against this event / design. If someone was evaluating the success of events this normally should be considered a failure as in the worst case you’d want to satisfy at least half of your players.

Note: the statisticians out there would point out that 137 players’ vote is insufficient for very accurate results, which is correct, however, I am making this communication confidently because I have also done research on this topic and in multiple locations many players are angry with this event while “defenders” are few and far between.

What are some good things?

As I don’t like to be negative I also want to communicate some elements which I believe are good about the Wartune World Cup Event:

  • First and above all for me is that it is wonderful that finally someone @ Wartune Team woke up and came up with the idea to create a special event to go alongside a big event like the football World Cup. I think just the initiative / effort that the Team wanted to do something nice (and profit from it :P) is already very good.
  • The lucky event setup of the Group Match Chest is nice / OK – all the rewards are usable items as well as give a chance to drop the betting event item.
  • The Football Seed was made available rather readily with only 100 daily devotion as a requirement so even busy people will be able to get their hands on the seeds. Furthermore they were introduced a lot in advance giving plenty of time for people to gather seeds, plant in farm and collect the TV Star 2018 event item:

But really that’s about it – that’s all I could try to find as positive.

So with that said let’s get deeper into the discussion:

Horrible Communication

As usual Wartune continues with it’s horrible communication habit by doing a disaster / damage for this event. I have found so many players in social media and forums totally confused (and therefore angry) about this event and rightfully so! And the insane thing is that if they only did a good job in communication they would significantly reduce player anger.

Even people working for Wartune publishers have no clear idea. So the bad communication is already starting from the developer towards the publishers. I have seen official responses with phrases like “it looks like”, “most likely will work like”, “i think it will be like”, “probably will XYZ”, which means these employees are guessing what they think the event will show / do rather than knowing how it works and confidently giving facts to players.

Here are some Wartune player comments:

On the below, the player explains to R2 many of the failure points of their job and even though in that specific forum thread there is some discussion the vast majority of players will not see that specific discussion and therefore the answers that the moderators try to give are not even sent to all players in the game, which they could easily do via in-game mail or Hot Events Info Window, but until now they have not done that.

Example of Wartune player confusion who is not interested in football:

Horrible Setup / Config

So they setup a range of exchanges, a range of event items and even items and systems which are not even available in the game all resulting in a complex, unclear / confusing event setup. What a mess. This could have been done in so much nicer / better / clearer way. Such event configuration is clear proof that whoever is responsible for this is a low skill level professional or that their boss is if they did not allow the responsible to do a good job by not giving the required approvals or not giving the required time.

Here are some Wartune player comments:

Here the player is guessing how the event should work as the Wartune Team has not explained anything:

So right now there is no way to get octopus paul. My guess is after this first tv star exchange is over or closer to the end of the world cup, they will add a badge for octopus paul exchange.

And while we later find out (below) that we are not supposed to bet on the Group Phase – all the country badges were made available in the Hot Events which means for sure there will be players who exchanged for teams which will not participate during the actual betting. This players explains:

AT START OF EVENT IS SHOWING 32 TEAMS as I figured out as it’s group stage choose 16 teams u think that will reach last 16 if you chosen a team that’s eliminated before last 16 r2 should place a exchange so we can exchange eliminated badges to get low quantity of the Octopus Paul.

Basically that those players who have taken eliminated teams before even the actual betting begins will get the lowest rewards (Octopus Paul) for their even item exchange since the betting will not even include those teams at all.

Player A: Can we bet on more then one team?
Player B: i’m pretty sure we can cause i bought every token with the TV star stuff

More player feedback:

This event it’s complicated. would you like explain to me better? i should explain to 3 players this event + my guild… i’m guild master and players will ask to me it.

This event may be fantastic for some, but for the vast majority (I’m sure) it is ridiculous.

R2 Moderator Explanations


It looks like you use the TV Star 2018s for team badges – these will be used for your bets on the teams that will do well in the World Cup (pay attention to the exchange dates for these badges). Following that, there will be the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals, and Championship rounds for the World Cup, in real life. You’ll use your team badges in the appropriate exchanges as the rounds become available, since there’s no way to know now what teams will be in each round (again, pay attention to the exchange dates as they come available).

The better the teams you pick do, which I would presume means your luck in having the appropriate badges for the appropriate exchanges as they come available, and luck to be holding appropriate badges aside for the teams that don’t lose, while keeping in mind future rounds, the more Octopus Paul 2018s you’ll get for the Octopus Paul 2018 Exchange.

That said, the only confirmed information we have is that there are the round exchanges coming in July. The rest is my take on the event with how it’s structured. You will be able to exchange your badges at each round, but, rounds closer to the championship will likely payout more Octopus Paul 2018s, but you risk losing if you hold onto badges for a team that doesn’t progress to the next round. I wouldn’t put all my balls in one basket, for sure.


Ok, so say you choose Iran in the first round and they lose all their matches, you then exchange the badges you got on the exchange day, which should be day 15 of the event. Do not hang on to them as they will then be useless after that exchange period. After that the next round teams will then be up on hot events for you to choose who you think will go to the next round. It is a repeat and rinse process. For point 2 there Harry, it isn’t based on per match, its based on per round. Does that help?

Also there doesn’t seem to be a limit in badges, so it seems you can buy as many as you want.

Choose wisely, or if you have no idea, ask a European player they will tell you.


World Cup is currently in the Group Phase. We don’t bet on these matches. What we will be betting on is the Knock Out phase. You’ll get Octopus Pauls during these rounds, with more OPs based on how well the team you have badges for is doing – we’ve been told the cost per badge will increase in the later rounds, so keep that in mind. There will be more, more expensive, TV Star badge exchanges later as the teams narrow down.

The dates of the Knock Out rounds are important, as betting will happen the day before the first match. If you switch to bracket view on that page, it will look like Eud Dom and works the same way. The Group Phase is to figure out which teams will be in the brackets. Just like Eud Dom, you can’t bet on matches until the list populates, with the difference here being that you can bet for each round. Octopus Paul is the payout currency for your bets.

World Cup Event Info on R2 Forum

And corrections / notes from me in red:

1. Join events during the event period to collect TV Star 2018 and exchange them for badges of your favorite teams to participate in the World Cup bets. Badges of teams doing better in the World Cup can be exchanged for more Octopus Paul 2018!

But as explained do not exchange because the betting has not started while badges are available for also teams which will not be part of the betting.

2. During the World Cup bets, players can bet on the quarterfinalists the day before the Round of 16, semifinalists the day before Quarterfinals, finalists the day before the Semifinals, and champion the day before the Finals. Winning team badges can be exchanged for more Octopus Paul 2018.

But none of this is in the game which is why so many players are confused, especially players who don’t care about football. And also the ratio or exchange between badges and Octopus Paul is unknown / not visible.

3. Once the Round of 16 starts, team badges will be sold at the Shop during each match session. You may buy team badges to bet on that team. Badge prices will increase as the match progresses. Please keep an eye on the game announcements for exact event time.

4. After the end of each betting round, players may choose to retain the badges to use them for the next round.

5. Octopus Paul 2018 can be used to exchange for rare mounts, costumes and other valuable items.

But again while badges are already available / visible in the game,  the betting options, winning / losing amounts and exchanges into Octopus Paul are all unknown and/or not visible in the game or forums.

Note: Event is not available on servers with less than 14 days of server time after launch.

This is actually a very good point as some players do not see this event while many others are talking about it, so naturally these players are confused. I would suggest instead of excluding these players from a “big” World Cup event to offer them a more appropriate modified version instead otherwise these Wartune players feel “discriminated” against. It is very little effort to implement a lower reward version for new servers using all same setups and just reducing the reward items and/or amounts.

Exchanges Data

Octopus Paul 2018 Exch.
Duration: 6/14/2018 0:00:00 – 7/17/2018 23:59
Description: Join the 2018 World Cup events to collect Octopus Paul 2018, which can be exchanged for great rewards.

  • Octopus Paul 2018 x7,000 for Spark Dragon Card x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x6,000 for Frost Dragon Card x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x5,000 for Lava Pegasus Card x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x4,000 for Cuddly Lynx Card x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x3,000 for Flying Carpet Card x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x1,000 for Pennant Ascension Stone x200 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x2,000 for Celadon Wings x1, Celadon Headgear x1, Celadon Blade x1, Celadon Garment x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x1,400 for Warflame Wings x1, Warflame Headgear x1, Warflame Blade x1, Warflame Garment x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x1,400 for Imperial Rose Wings x1, Imperial Rose Headgear x1, Imperial Rose Blade x1, Imperial Rose Garment x1 (limit of 1 exchange during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Polishing Orb x5 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Cast Stone x5 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Clothing Refinement Stone x5 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Willpower Talent Stone x5 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Advanced Henna x40 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Essence of Zeus x5 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x10 for Smelting Stone x8 (limit of 500 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x50 for Perfume Chest x1 (limit of 20 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x25 for Dragon’s Whisper x1 (limit of 60 exchanges during the event)
  • Octopus Paul 2018 x1 for 50K Gold

TV Star 2018 Exch.
Duration: 6/14/2018 00:00 – 6/27/2018 23:59
Description: Collect and exchange TV Star 2018 for badges of your favorite teams. Badges of teams doing better in the World Cup can be exchanged for more Octopus Paul 2018!

  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Russian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Saudi Arabian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Egyptian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Uruguayan Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Portuguese Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Spanish Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Moroccan Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Iranian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for French Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Australian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Peruvian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Danish Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Argentine Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Icelandic Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Croatian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Nigerian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Brazilian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Swiss Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Costa Rican Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Serbian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for German Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Mexican Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Swedish Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Korean Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Belgian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Panamanian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Tunisian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for English Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Polish Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Senegal Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Columbian Badge 2018 x1
  • TV Star 2018 x2 for Japanese Badge 2018 x1

World Cup Devotion Rewards
Duration: 6/14/2018 00:00 – 7/11/2018 23:59
Description: During the event, reach the required Devotion to claim rewards.

  • Devotion x30: Football Seed 2018 x2
  • Devotion x50: Football Seed 2018 x2
  • Devotion x70: Football Seed 2018 x2
  • Devotion x100: Football Seed 2018 x2

Group Matches Chest
Duration: 6/14/2018 12:00:00 – 6/28/2018 23:59
Group Matches Chest x1
Price: 20 Balens. Limit of 500.

Links to check for this event

Group Stage: //

Knock Out Phase: //

Game Decorations

I also want to point out that they don’t even know or learn from Wartune’s history. There were already really good actions done in the past in Wartune related to the World Cup and these graphics could easily be reused which costs nothing at all. This is such a simple and easy way to make a nice action for Wartune players and is such a pity that their Wartune Team is so weak professionally speaking to not know these things and not be able to do them.

There are already football / World Cup clothing sets in Wartune that could have been used better and more added – here are 2 pictures I have previously posted in June of 2014!

And there is an entire World Cup design already available for Cloud City in Wartune which also could have been used or slightly modified and used (I had posted this also in June 2014):

Getting Professionals

So much nicer things could have been done to benefit from the World Cup in Wartune and not pi$$ off a lot of Wartune players. If their operations team is unable to do the job then they should hire experienced players/professionals as consultants who support Wartune and Wartune players properly. They could approach experienced people like me or anyone else who knows Wartune very well and is an experienced professional to design and implement great events and/or give feedback/advice to the existing operations team on what they are doing right or wrong. But so far, in 5-6+ years, I have never heard from Wartune devs and I have only received attacks from companies like R2. Well good luck with that unprofessional attitude.


  • Did you like my big information compilation post about the Wartune World Cup Events?
  • Do you think I have fairly made all the good and bad points? Is anything missing or do you have more to add? (comment below)
  • Do you have additional information on this Wartune topic that’s missing in my article? Please email me or comment below.

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  1. Well on a personal level I don’t have an interest in foreign football… I don’t watch it

    • We should just try to get max rewards. I’ll try to see if I can find some suggestions, otherwise if you have a football guy or girl in your guild or server maybe can follow their advice.
      – COSMOS

    • Three cheers for you!

    • Have to agree… I don’t even think the US is qualified… or Canada… utter waste!

  2. Thank you for you attempt to clarify things. No it really didn’t help. I am Canadian soccer/football is a minor sport here. I have no interest in it, no idea what team is what, nor do I plan to learn I simply do not have time or patience. They need to simply this event for all people and yes they need to add better explanations to all their events especially this one.

    • Hi, I also am in a similar boat so I will try to make additional posts with betting recommendations if I manage to find some “reliable” information to make life easier for other Wartune players.
      That said I don’t really want to promote betting on football as Wartune is a family game – i think this is a bad thing.
      – COSMOS

  3. I have been forced to learn more about the World Cup, and in my case I have enjoyed learning more about real life football/soccer play. The lack of explanation can be very frustrating, but it is also what keeps me more actively engaged. I try to figure out strategies for each new event despite the implementation flaws and welcomed this special ones. Of course my primary source is your website. Thank you!

    • Very nice attitude 🙂 as you explained that keeps you interested and having a good time.
      Feel free to share any tips here in the comments for the benefit of everyone.
      Have a wonderful day,
      P.S. please don’t copy paste same comment multiple times. If the Anti-Spam system decides to hold a comment for approval I will manually approve it.

  4. don’t watch soccer so no idea on which ones to pick but at the same time always glad to see dollygame try to help explain it some

  5. thinking that market on wartune is majorly american, this event is fully bad. and to me mot liked neither if was on right target. we play to wartune, why we should see nascar, f1 , soccer or every event that not is wartune?

    • I have several ideas on cool things they could have designed in Wartune in the spirit of any major event, be it World Cup or any other event like those you wrote, that would have worked out great, but I doubt they would hire me to implement them. Like I wrote I think the effort or idea to make a special event was good but what they actually implemented sucks bigtime.
      – COSMOS

  6. I think I am even more confused. So in the section where you made red notes, you noted not to exchange for any badges as the betting has not started yet. So with this current tv star exchange, we are not supposed to exchange any yet and hold on to the tv stars until next exchange?

    • From what I understand yes, because the actual betting has not started so if we would exchange something now it could be a total waste. So from what I understand we should wait until the actual Kickoff Phase starts when the betting starts. I am doing my best co collect all information on this topic in this article to help all Wartune players and if anywhere any information can be improved please email me or post a comment for people to read.
      – COSMOS

      • Then why would they have this exchange up now? I know wartune does stuff that doesn’t make any sense but if this exchange is to be ingored, then that will take the cake of ignorance. If we really are not supposed to exchange for any badges now, then there are going to be some really mad players. I know of a few that has already exchanged for badges. According to what memorylane said, the badges we pick now will be used for the betting. But if that was the case, why do we still have 20 days left to collect football seeds?

      • 1) Yes that’s part of the bad job of bad implementation / communication that I explained. I also indicated in the article an example of a player who bought 1 of each badge. So yes I think many Wartune players are already mad now and possibly more will be mad if 2nd part is done badly too.
        2) If someone takes a badge of an eliminated team now I don’t think they get nothing, they would probably just get the minimal / lowest reward for those badges. Again I don’t know 100% surely, but that’s what it looks like so far from the gathered information.
        3) Regarding seeds I don’t think there is a problem there. They have given lots of time for players to gather seeds, plant them and collect, which was one of the positive points I mentioned in the article.
        – COSMOS

  7. An easy way for players to keep track of the teams and their progress is to go to a suitable website (I am using which gives the 8 groups and the team positions and match scores. Top 2 teams in each group go through to the next round so you can already see some of the teams to avoid using TV stars on

    • Thanks for sharing your idea.

  8. i don’t like this event too

  9. I thought this was WARTUNE not FIFA. Personally anything that moves under 200 mph is a sport that does not interest me. I will be selling all item from this as i have no intention on watching a sport i never have.

    • Snicker
      and ROCK ON!

  10. many thanks cosmos for using my questions and how the event should run from the forums

    the devs ave no clue what so ever

    • ❤ thanks for appreciating my work

  11. they have event for soccor but not the NBA really

  12. Just look at the world Cup schedule- Bet before the day when the round of 16 plays, bet again when the quarter finials- again the semis and the final- all bets must be made the day beforehand.Look up the Bovado handicap and bet with that-

  13. i will bet all on Germany ftw

  14. And I still don’t know wth is going on. They have already started the final 16 haven’t they??

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