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Wartune Special Events 14 JUN 2018 (World Cup)

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Wartune SPECIAL EVENTS (WORLD CUP) for the 14th of June 2018 (article + video).

These events consist of a range of event items and exchanges. For full details please see the video.

For the Lucky Exchange we will need: Group Matches Chest:

This drops various consumables / resources and the other event item: TV Star 2018

The TV Star 2018 is then possible to exchange via Hot Events exchange for various country Badges to be used for the Guessing Game (details not known, but probably guessing who wins).

Then we can earn Football Seed 2018 by achieving various Devotion targets, which we then must plant in the FARM to get TV Star 2018 – it is a 4 hour seed and probably “steal-able”.

And lastly there is an Octopus Paul Exchange with various mounts, clothing sets and resources but at this moment I don’t know where we earn the Octopus Paul. Could be balen only or balen mostly although I think they will give some to everyone.

YouTube Video Link:

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  2. You ain’t kidding this is major Fing confusing…lol

  3. VIdeo is for the 12th. srry to be a debby downer

    • fixed, had pasted wrong URL, wish someone mentioned earlier

  4. when r magic balls finished

    • Check your server’s Lucky Exchange to see, it should be “today” depending which timezone you are in.

  5. the opening for the 7-Road logo has changed. it went from a dark purple color to now xbox 360 colors. but what weird is that they did nothing to change the picture for wartune. it’s still the couple holding each other

    • so it’s new but it’s old 🙂 hehe

  6. Cosmos, look closely to the Tv Star 2018 Exch. event 🙂 says badges of teams doing better in the world cup can be exchanged for more octopus paul 2018. Considering this is a 14 days event while octopus paul is 34 days event, my guessing is that at some point we will get events with exchanging badges for octopus paul.

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