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Wartune Players Suffer while KORAMGAME Rakes in Profits

Hey everyone, this one is a bit of a different article to highlight the constant bad treatment of players by some Wartune publishers. The main purpose of this article is for me to try to support the suffering Wartune players by speaking out on this subject and hopefully, either in shame or due to public support, these companies can be made to do their bloody job.

This specific article is focused on problems at KORAMGAME, but horrible treatment of players is also conducted by the Emperor of Bad Companies – R2Games, which we have demonstrated multiple times in the past. Based on what I have seen over years only Proficient City has been “acting honorably” and looking out for players and I would say is the best of all these bad Wartune publishers and sub-publishers who just rake in profits and don’t give a damn about the players.

To be perfectly clear, this is not a criticism of the game Wartune, which we all enjoy playing every day, but of most of the companies who run it, who show very often how much they don’t care about players, how they never learn to communicate, don’t fix long standing problems, provide horrible support to tickets, while enjoying counting their profits. Note that I have absolutely no problem with companies earnings money – that’s totally cool as long as they do their bloody jobs and care about their players.

With that longish intro I pass the word to LordRhys who wishes to highlight the specific problem at KORAMGAME:

Nearly a year ago, on July 18th 2016, Koramgame merged all of their Wartune servers with Proficient City’s Wartune server 313. At that time Koram shutdown almost all support with the exception of those issues dealing with the purchase of Kcoins and their conversion to Balens. Those issues would only be addressed by email as they had shut down the support page on their website. Immediately after the merge, the first major issue was that Koram players could not buy VIP membership as we could only buy VIP via the shop. After working with ProfCity I was able to get VIP card permanently added to the Hot Items tab in the Shop We also brought up the fact that we could not participate in any of the new events that require us to go to a special webpage after logging in. At the time we were working on this issue I had asked why we could not be brought over to a Wartune login like several other defunct companies had done. The answer was that Koramgame had made a deal to host our characters, and that they still has ownership of our characters, unlike the other companies which released the character to ProfCity. By using Koram’s login our characters still are paying Koram for all recharges, they in turn are paying ProfCity for hosting us.

On Thursday, we discovered we could no longer purchase balens on Koram’s website. We could still purchase Kcoins, but could not actually use them. If you click on the Recharge buttons in-game, nothing happens. We could still access the Recharge Page via the Koramgame website. When we try to purchase balens from their website and select the Koram server to recharge on we get this screen:

If we make the mistake of saying yes, no Balens are bought. It shows up as follows in the Purchase History:

Currently ProfCity is looking into this issue on their end, but as it is the weekend in China we have received no response from Koram or ProfCity. Sadly for Koram players this has led to a lost Rave weekend.

Ok, let’s summarize KORAMGAME’s actions against Wartune players while they collected lots of profits:

  • Shutdown almost all support
  • Shut down the support page on their website
  • Blocked ability for players to buy and benefit from VIP membership
  • Could not participate in any of the new special events which require visiting a special web-page (this is also true of other bad publishers like Armor Games)
  • Kept ownership of our characters so that better companies (ProfCity) was not allowed to take care of the players
  • And the last point described with problems getting balens

To conclude:

  • Wartune players – support each other
  • If you know someone who knows someone who can help players inform them
  • If you are an employee at a Wartune company try to explain those unprofessional idiots how to start caring about their players / customers
  • If you are a Wartune boss who somehow got to my blog and saw this – replace the bad people running this operation and put qualified professionals in their place.

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  1. yeah i to 51 perent agree with u ok 52 … coz i felt one time a wrong decision by r2 too dependin on a chatbain i got …. when other people made crap and these should have gotten a perma ban but nothin happened coz they cashed many many much much more ^^ but on other hand …. r2 is very very better then koram …. i started there with demon slayer its like legend online a wartune clone quite similar not toally but close too close ^^ small varietees etc and im reaally happy i quitted there and went here to us east servers …. ok next time i wont go east again ^^ i thought it was good idea coz of old warcraft 2 times but the thing is that the servers r mixed usa brazil … nothing against brazils i like many of them but some of them especcially the childs … arg hlet me everyday one time freak out ^^ … but ok other things let me too …. like some minutes before in town the damn tourists …. hes healed now of not watchin on street before goin over it … broken nose ^^ greetings zeppy

  2. I play on Proficient City and I can tell you they NEVER respond to tickets, they are constantly blocking peoples recharge abilities saying they have chargebacks when not 1 player has had any. Proficient city tries to make you pay them more money. The game has a lot of bugs and lags badly. People are having issues in both eud arenas and team arenas but the devs wont answer any tickets at all. I have lost all the chests from BI months ago and put in a ticket and NEVER heard one word from them. The only time they EVER contact you is when they want you to pay money that you can prove you do not owe them otherwise the will not speak to you.

  3. I play on Proficient City and I am not a heavy cashier when I send a ticket they answer in a timely fashion. Although some of the compensations I have received have not been equal to the rewards offered they did answer and attempt to fix my issues

  4. I play on Proficient City( and i have not a single complain, they always have answered to my tickets in around 1, 2 days max.
    I once sold almost 3k blood of zeus by mistake and didnt even noticed because i was selling some stuff that i didnt want from guild blessing and included them, when i noticed i didnt have blood of zeus and didnt know what the hell i done with them i sended a ticket for them to track if i spended them or somewhat sold them by mistake, they looked into it and said i sold them, they applied to give them back and told me to be more carefull, one week later i had them back.

  5. Well, it has been a full week and we can not recharge yet. Koram did get back to me, but asked me for info I had already sent. ProfCity closed my ticket as they say it’s a Koram problem. I do have my contact working on it.

  6. Kong is really good with helping with issues. Please do not generalize all non proficient city hosts

  7. I’ve registered on and opened ticket about koram. I was hope they can somehow help us, koram gamers, to migrate from there to them. They require e-mail in ticket to send response which I provide, but guess what? After 1st mail there nether was any others about ticket status. All companies who deal with customers usually just spamming your mail with new info about your tickets, but not Proficient City. And my ticket was closed cos I never looked there after I opened it. Can’t see good service in this 🙁

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