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Important Stuff for Lower BR Wartune Players

Hey everyone! I often get question and often see lower BR / newer players making many mistakes or doing the wrong things, so this article is to help those Wartune players. This article is not a complete guide but aims to point out the important stuff players should focus on.

First, I will start with the Top 3:

3 things you must do first

For newer players or lower BR players (who often also play limited hours) the game is very complex. It is impossible to learn everything in a short time. So these are the 3 things you must do to get the biggest boost to your character:

  1. Speed Clearance. No BR required! This takes only few minutes to do. You just need to form a party of 4 players in total. It is probably a good idea to get your guild to help. Never skip this. Do it every single day. The rewards are very significant specifically for these players. Please refer to my Drop Rates Analysis / Reports (top menu) to see what items yo get in each chest.
  2. Dimensions Vacuum Cleaning. No BR required! Here you open a dimension coordinate and just walk all over the place collecting the chests on the floor. You do not do any battles. I recommend Basic Dimensions ONLY for these players. This is critical to do while Offerings are dropping (which they are at present). The process is as follows:
    • Open a Basic Coordinate,
    • Enter,
    • Explore everything and take all chests (no fighting + click ESCAPE on the cards window – don’t manually select cards)
    • Exit,
    • Delete the dimension,
    • Open a new one,
    • Repeat until you have no more energy
  3. Archaeology. No BR required! This is something that has lost importance for higher BR players but is still critical for newer players or low BR players. You just go to the WILDS and dig x 30 per day. Please refer to my Archaeology Rewards guide and other guides for more information when you have time to read more.

Note: remember to use your Offerings in the Mystic Gate (3 per day maximum).

Next: if you have more time: Clickers:

Clickers – FAST – No BR required

There are a couple of fast “clickers” which you can do after the above 3 things:

  • Eudaemon Signet – just click it, you will get items that you will need in the future.
  • Henna Lab – just click to collect Henna (raid if you have time to get exp)
  • Various Daily Login Gifts – easy to pick up
  • Dreamland – aim to buy 10 Clothing Refinement Stones per day, keep any leftover currency.

Next: if you have more time and if RAVE EVENT is on: Fast Devotions:

Fast Devotions during Rave Event

When the Rave Event is on there are extra rewards for reaching Devotion. So click on the blue Devotion link on the left side of the screen and look and what you can do FAST only.

  • 1 click Kitten Club. Just click 1 of them if you are short on time (+5 points).
  • Train 1 single Mount Whip (+5 points).
  • Use 1 single Mahra to upgrade any sylph (+5 points).
  • Enter / Exit Guild Chamber (+15 points)
  • Contribute 60,000 gold and spin altar 3 times (+30 points)
  • Enter / Exit Battleground (+10 points)
  • 1 die Abyss, 1 die Time Portal, 1 die Titan Temple, move 1 step in Outland = +20 points
  • 1 move Sky Trail, 1 battle Bounty Targets, 1 die Road of Glory = +15 points
  • etc

The above FAST points I wrote can be done in less than 10 minutes (even few minutes if you click fast) and just these already give 100+ Devotion points.

If the Rave Event is not on, forget about Devotion completely unless you are so active that you can reach 300 points.

Wartune stuff to do sometime during the week

There are dungeons that you can collect rewards only 1 time per week. So in any spare time plan to do these (for all of them you will need strong players to help you, so make friends / relationships, guild mates):

  • Eudaemon War – few minutes only – you will need just 1 strong helper.
  • Tara Temple – few minutes only – you will need just 1 strong helper. (Narandera can skip if you lack time)
  • Abandoned Altar can skip if you lack time.
  • Holy Sword Temple – if you can get 2-3 strong helpers then it is good to do
  • The Spire Nightmare – definitely do it, very good exp and good items – many people are willing to help this
  • Magic Square – 15 minutes, relatively easy to get helpers – very important source of Whips
  • Dark Dragon Lair – 20 minutes – hard to find helpers – very big source of gold and other items.

The Rest of Wartune & Events

If you do all the stuff explained above your character will already grow fast. There are naturally a lot more things in Wartune which you can learn and do as you go forward. You can also follow this blog every day to learn about events and read guides and get to know the game better and better (including my YouTube videos and social pages).

As mentioned in the start this article is not supposed to explain the whole game, but just to give you some priorities and explanations of what you should definitely do to grow fast in Wartune. I wish you good luck and maybe other players will post some comments below with other suggestions which you can read also.

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  1. Thanks! Best info :3

  2. this dimensions cleaner your talking about do you mean the one called dreamland? or is it some thing else on the game. if so were is it on the game..thank you for your time

    • It means dimension, basically walk around and avoid any mobs, just collect chest

  3. Titan Tempel: Please try with a player BR 11 Titan lvl 2-3star, Willpower lvl 2 and a thor red agains 4 player extra all BR 28 Titan lvl 5-1, Willpower lvl 12. one player have red Frigga the other 3 have Odin red Good Luck!!
    The longest I´v come is get my Thor up but killed directly. All willpower´s 12 is stronger then me.
    Dead end for me
    I am allready in your mailing list

  4. I’ve managed to max level henna lab. At lvl 10 we get 20 henna per hour, 100% chance to get 1 adv henna per hour and 20% chance to get an additional adv henna per hour. Hope it’s useful.

  5. also Magic Inn is very usefull for low br player as for me. No BR required and its nice source of adv mahra/adv sepu/whips and so on

  6. very useful guide, thank you ♥

  7. What do you mean by contribute 60k gold and spin 3 alter give +30 points ? i think contribution gives 5 points and spin alter twice for 5 points

  8. Eudomon signet only appear when u get khighthood, so your info isnt right. And henna lab only available when u get lvl 80 knighted.

  9. After i read the first few lines, i found mistakes, as i read on, more mistake, please check your info before u post it to public. The points not even correct.

  10. Forgot to enter/exit MS, Spire and DI (ddl) for Rave event
    Both need atk one time
    If you can, do spire normal with help, easy and faster

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