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Wartune Patch 8.3 First Info

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you the first info I collected for the upcoming Wartune Patch 8.3. This is not supposed to be a comprehensive post – I will try to post more details on this patch as possible.

Article Content:

  • Wartune Patch 8.3 Timing
  • “Must do” stuff before the patch arrives.
  • Wartune Patch 8.3 League Rumble
  • New Patch 8.3 Game Hall & NPC Angelina
  • Patch 8.3 New Cloud City Map
  • Other Wartune Patch 8.3 info


  • 29 November 2018 for pre-launch servers
  • 6 December 2018 for everyone else

Before Wartune Patch 8.3 comes TO DO:

I posted this already previously on my Facebook Page, but here it is again in case someone missed it:

  • Athena’s War (RIP) and Imperial War (RIP) will end with the launch of Patch 8.3
  • Also Hero Trial (RIP) and Dreamland (RIP)
  • TO DO! exchange the remaining Athena’s Tear, Yarama Coin, Faction Medal and Secret Medal before the patch comes!
  • Instead there will be a new Cross Server activity and features in Guild and new mini games in Game Hall (see more below)

Wartune Patch 8.3 League Rumble

The new Cross Server event is going to be the League Rumble:



League Rumble Shop (3 pages)

Similar to previous / removed shop.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

New Patch 8.3 Game Hall:

Game Hall NPC Angelina:

New Game Hall window with new activities:

And Game Hall now also gives +15 devotion score:

Wartune Patch 8.3 Cloud City Map

Notice the Dreamland (old bottom left) is not there and Game Hall is moved to a more accessible or easier location.

Other Wartune Patch 8.3 info

And here some other info on which I will post separately I think with more detail, but here in brief:

  • From what I understand the big changes are:
  • the new Cross Server event (I won’t be able to post on this in advance before the patch comes as I don’t have access to it; will post the develop guide if I see it)
  • There is a remake of Guild which includes
    • Daily guild devotion rewards
    • Weekly devotion rewards
    • New Guild Dungeon
    • Quest Academy – kind of like Bounty Quests but for guild
  • Remake of Game Hall:
    • Speed Clearance stays + looks like rewards are the same.
    • New Minesweeper (with party it seems). If party wins the rewards are:
      • 10x Smelting Stone
      • 5x Sack of Gold
      • 5x Animation Stone
      • 100x Charge Fragments
      • Nothing fantastic but seems like it’s daily and free, but busy players will probably skip this one.
    • New Dimension Crises mini-game. Collect shards and challenge final target (boss?). The more shards you collect the better the rewards. Also seems either with party or solo possible but more rewards with party.
      • There seem to be 2 difficulties.
      • Easy rewards are Henna, Daru, Level 1 RES crystals,
      • Harder rewards are Advanced Henna, Daru and also Level 1 RES crystals but with more quantity

OK that’s all for now. Will post more as I can, I also have lots of RL / health issues I’m trying to deal with, so doing the best I can by myself.

Post in comments your first impressions on this first info of Wartune Patch 8.3 and/or questions we can try to help each other answer.

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  1. Looks like a great patch to me.And always thank you for all of your works.

    • Thank you 🙂

  2. do we know what servers are getting it tomorrow?

    • I don’t know them by heart but it should be same pre-launch servers as in every patch.

  3. @Game Hall:

    You can do Speed Clearance on Monday and Thursday, Minesweeper on Tuesday and Friday, Dimension Crisis on Wednesday and Saturday. On Sunday you can choose which one to do (with profits).

    You may call the final target on Dimension Crisis a “boss”, but it is no challenge at all.

    You can’t do these events solo, you always need a party of 4.

    • Thanks for sharing

  4. Thank u, Cosmos and recover your health, pls 😉
    we need you!

    • Thank you, kind of you 🙂

  5. The new patch looks like a bunch of nothing. The rewards are all for smaller players. Pushing the bigs more and more to quit. Even medium sized players get nothing they need. No ascension stones, no dragon mount grass, no willpower materials, nowhere to get red truncheons anymore and best of all no help on artifacts. I say don’t add the new patch if this is the best you got!

    • True, little attractive rewards for medium or high br players.

    • A benefit for bigger guilds – more incentive for smaller guilds to go poof and jump to larger guilds.

      • Indeed, there is a bigger pressure now to join up guilds.

  6. any pics for the other shops like the replacement of imp war and athena shops

  7. Any info on the new guild battle thing

  8. Again more stuff to do for little rewards. boring.

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