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Wartune Patch 8.3 Cauldron Formulas & Other [Dev Guide]

Hi everyone, here is the developer guide for the new Wartune Patch 8.3 Cauldron Formulas & other changes (a.k.a. Optimizations).

Cauldron v2.0 – New Formula Buffs released

  • Significantly increases player rewards
  • 3 new materials: Dreamdust, Irontusk, Swiftplume.
  • 6 new buff Formulas
Formula Name BUFF Rewards Info Required Materials

Wilds Prospect Rewards +50%, lasts 4 hours.

Note: The “Minecraft” buff will increase the rewards from Archaeology Dig and Astrology Dig in the Wilds, but will not increase the rewards from item Exchange in the Archaeology panel, will not increase Archaeology level up rewards, and nor will it affect the Astrology Wish, Zodiac, or Signs systems.

Puissance x40, Sageweed x30, Lifeblood x10
Purehearted Magic Inn Friendliness doubled, Gift Box Rewards +100%, lasts 2 hours. Puissance x40, Sageweed x10, Lifeblood x10
Premonition Time Portal Points +50%, lasts 4 hours. Dreamdust x20, Irontusk x40, Swiftplume x30
Titanic Titan Temple Chest Rewards +50%, lasts 4 hours. Dreamdust x20, Irontusk x50, Swiftplume x50
The Deep Endless Abyss Drop Rewards +100%, lasts 4 hours. Dreamdust x50, Irontusk x20, Swiftplume x50
Allegiance Lord’s Trial Challenge Rewards +100, lasts 4 hours. Dreamdust x40, Irontusk x30, Swiftplume x50

Faster Atoll Boss Spawn

Increased Rage gain for Sylph Atoll, players now have an easier time summoning Sylph Atoll BOSS

  • Rage gain from defeating Angry Advanced Sylph increased from 2 to 5.
  • Rage gain from defeating Angry Sophisticated Sylph increased from 4 to 10.

Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate rewards doubled.

No more Classes for Runes

Class restrictions removed for Runes

  • Added Purification Rune for Mages
  • Purge Rune to Hunters
  • And Guardian Rune for Knights.
  • The default set of Runes for these classes remain unchanged.

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  1. No More Classes For Runes- nice

  2. i would like wartune to have more classes, like 4 or 5 🙂

    • (troll) what are you talking about? wartune has six classes, knight male, knight female, mage male, mage female, archer male, archer female

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