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Wartune Patch 7.7 Time Vortex / Cavern + Dragon Edge

Hi everyone, here I share with you the Developer’s guide for Wartune Patch 7.7 Time Vortex, Time Cavern & Dragon Edge with some additions by me.

I also put below my video playlist for Wartune Patch 7.7 (best for you to see and understand) which is an ongoing work that you can refer to for all aspects of the Patch (some still being prepared).

1) Patch 7.7 Video Playlist:

2) Time Vortex Developer’s Guide


With the Time Cavern appearing in the Titan City, the defeated Bosses are attempting to escape the past and invade the Continent via the time passage…

[Event Entry]

1. Unlock Level: Unlocks after players are knighted.
Update: players report that Knighthood is not required. Thanks Toonatick & Anonymous. At present I do not know if the Devs made a mistake in the guide or there is a bug or if they will fix this.

2. Entry: The Outlands – Titan City – Time Cavern

[Gameplay Info]

Dragon Edge

Players need to challenge Dragonchant Demons, whose power equal certain percentages of the characters’. Dragonchant unlocks after all Dragonchant Demons are defeated.

Time Vortex

Players need to switch to Dragonchant status to fight in Time Vortex.

Players can challenge Map Bosses, Map Lords or Time Rift dungeons in Time Vortex.

I. Map Boss

Each post has one Map Boss. First Victory Rewards will be available after you defeat the Boss. If you Blitz or challenge after you cleared the map, you only earn Victory Rewards. The further you go, the better the rewards. Players get unlimited free challenge attempts per day until the first Map Boss is defeated. Afterwards, players get 10 free challenge attempt per day, resets daily at midnight.

II. Map Lord

Defeat Map Boss to possess the map and gain rewards:

– Players can possess a map instantly if there is no Map Lord or can defeat the Map Lord to possess the map. A Defeated Map Lord can get Revenge to take back the map and also the time it has been possessed by the previous Map Lords.

– Each map has only one Map Lord and each player can only possess one map at a time. Players will quit the possessed map by default when trying to possess a new map.

– Possess a map for a certain amount of time to receive rewards via mail.

– Each map can only be possessed for a maximum of 4 hours at a time.

III. Time Rift

Players can challenge the Map Lord when their map appears as a Time Rift.

– Time Rift only appears in a map which has a Map Lord.

– Players could challenge the Time Rift which is visible to the team leader in solo or party mode. Challenge will not proceed if the Map Lords is in the team.

– The Map Lord’s stats boost when being challenged during the Time Rift event time. All team members with valid reward attempts will receive rewards after successfully defeating the Map Lord. Otherwise, the Map Lord will be rewarded depending on how many times they successfully defended the attack.

– Players get 2 reward attempts per day, reset daily at midnight.

[Output] – a.k.a. Rewards

Talisman, Symbiosis Stone etc.

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  1. when to update?

    • Wartune Patch 7.7 is expected to arrive on all servers on:
      7th of December 2017
      (date may move if devs need more time)

  2. You don’t need to be knighted in order to unlock that Cosmos.

    • That info is from the developer, so if you are saying that you can access this feature without Knighthood then this would mean that there is a bug or the devs made a mistake. I already have Knighthood so I cannot confirm your statement – maybe others who read this who are not Knighted can confirm.

      • I have non knighted toon on a pre launch server and I am able to access time vortex.

    • Thanks. I added an update to the article: “Update: players report that Knighthood is not required. Thanks Toonatick & Anonymous. At present I do not know if the Devs made a mistake in the guide or there is a bug or if they will fix this.”

  3. Thanks for the article. This is the one thing i find most interesting from the upcoming patch so i hope it is as good as i think it is. 🙂

  4. To Doly Games,

    Thank you for the info concerning the time rift. Not sure if it was intended or not; however, they over did it in difficulty. Average players will not be able to do this.

    • Hi, they might have done it on purpose to give players a challenge. On my server we are already killing it and I think within few weeks more and more people will be killing it as BRs increase.

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