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Wartune Flying Banana Mount

Hey guys, here we share with you a funny banana-like mount from Wartune called the Flying Banana. It is a rare drop at present in the Sacred Gold Tree in Wartune Brazil, so maybe we will get it also in our version (thanks Misty).

Flying Banana Mount Stats

This mount has +110 stats. For our Wartune version this is unusual as all our mounts have round numbers (e.g. +50, +80, +100, +150)


  • Do you like this mount?
  • Would you like it to be added in our Wartune version?

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. Im waiting for the flying Chorizo mount

  2. this has to be a joke

    • You have seen some of our other mounts, right?

  3. could you do a post with the res of bosses and mobs of bounty target?

    method of test: the weaker eudaemon show to you the res and reduce res. equip the sylph to weaker eudaemon equiped.

    change the res of an eudaemon owith same res and if not is been reduced, try with another elemental res.

    for test the reduce res is instead need of change the sylph, because only them can change the reduce res.

    i’m too lazy for do this test, but i’ve gived the info to you, so we’ll can have the table on bounty target.

    karrygun (kong-11) europe 9

  4. lol, sometimes a banana is just a banana

  5. crazy mount lol 😛

  6. Wonder what state of mind the designer had to be in to draw that.

  7. Finaly somthing for me. 😀

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