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Wartune Events 31 Jan 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 31 Jan 2016 with bad news of 2 unlimited event rewards removed completely and other rewards reduced:

Eudaemon Diamond Synthesis – 3 days

Note: Unlimited event removed!

Flower Chest
Synthesize Level 5 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 3 30 only 1 diamond
Synthesize Level 6 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 4 40 only 1 diamond
Synthesize Level 7 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 5 50 only 1 diamond
Synthesize Level 8 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 10 100 only 1 diamond
Synthesize Level 9 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 15 150 only 1 diamond
Synthesize Level 10 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 20 200 only 1 diamond
Synthesize Level 11 Diamond x1 during the event, to receive: 30 300 only 1 diamond

Eudaemon Skill usage and upgrade – 3 days


During the event, you use 20 skill books to upgrade your skills. to receive 5 back:

One time rewards:

The lower 3 tiers skill rewards reduced compared to previous event.

Exists both for Class Skills as well as General Skills. or
Sweet Chocolate

Flower Chest
Upgrade 2 Eudaemon Class Skills to Level 3 10 2
Upgrade 2 Eudaemon Class Skills to Level 4 40 4
Upgrade 2 Eudaemon Class Skills to Level 5 100 10
Upgrade 2 Eudaemon Class Skills to Level 6 50 2
Upgrade 2 Eudaemon Class Skills to Level 7 100 4
Upgrade 2 Eudaemon Class Skills to Level 8 200 10


Big Spender (Tattoo & Holy Forge) – 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
2,000 20 10 100 60 20
5,000 50 20 300 120 40
10,000 100 40 500 240 80
30,000 300 60 1500 600 200
50,000 500 100 3000 600

Big Spender 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
1,000 5 2 20 20 3
2,000 10 4 40 40 5
5,000 20 10 60 60 10
7,000 30 15 100 100 20
10,000 50 20 200 200 40
20,000 100 30 300 300 60

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  1. This totally sucks…IDK why I came back LOL =P

  2. I highly believe these events were made on purpose without unlimited, will be nearly impossible to make lvl 11, so non cashers cant get enough hat boxes to exchange 1k adv henna and cashers that wants it, will be forced to buy boxes from shop

  3. Wartune login page is not available anymore? Can you help me log into server 5? It says its not available anymore..???

  4. its the elimination phase No2 from last year. Kill all the non cashing players. They doing a pretty good job, now only left are the cashers and few other ppl who can still take their crap without complains.
    All that comes to one word. Greed.

  5. Reason is when u sell eudaemon u get back 50% blood of zeus,gems,kid skills and some war emblem items.

    • well since eudaemons were brought here i made 3 lvl 10 eudaemons and 2 lvl 8, only 2 of them have war emblem so how im going to get back what i lose in unlimited events? get gems back from selling… umm what??? so you dont unsocket and get back instead 50% of what you had socketed??
      And fyi most ppl are doing these events not for blood but for boxes, limited at lvl will make very hard to get lvl 11 alteast once per event

    • We dont get gems back because you can just unsocket them, as a player who buys just vip i have 3 lvl10 and 2 lvl8 eaudemons, i still need 4 of them for eudaemon arena, so selling wont help me 1 bit. Most ppl do these events for boxes, with limited event it will be really hard to make 1 lvl11 diamond per event.

      • sorry got bugged, didnt show my first message at first 😀 but i hope you get my point ^^

  6. It feels like r2 are taking a hugh dump on all the players. What’s wrong with them this month?

    • maybe they have new people who lack knowledge or maybe it’s their “that time of the month” hehehe

  7. why write about those events which will not be

    • i try to give as much help/info to players as possible

  8. Yes i can see this is starting to improve player experience/benefits…can’t wait for this game to get on steam now…maybe you will have to buy the miniclient from there to start playing

  9. We just got on hot events a compo with a msg `rewards for following us on twittter` i guess this is the reward …

  10. wanted to write something but well it came to my mind ” im steamed lools”.. I promoted my guildies to do edu bounty more since it has max amount of chest and will help us enough to get at least event clothes and title.well now there will b some pissed off ppls after reset in guild chat for sure.Well.. all their desire Will now b steamed 🙂

  11. R2 is just screwing over it’s free players day by day. I feel sorry for new players. Their rate of growth will be much slower compared to back when events were unlimited.

  12. Well, they have succeeded in getting rid of another player….grats you idots!

  13. Well all I can say is I was going to recharge 20,000 bb’s but they can get lost

  14. Every time i see these they are screwing over the free players i just laugh. I was gone for a year but back then i was spending 100 a month yeh i know not much at all. I had a hard time even keeping up. I come back after a year and now im actually gaining on cashers and have not spent more than 20 bucks. War tune a year ago and war tune now is way more free player friendly. Im mostly just doing daily stuff and still gaining on some high cashers on my server.

  15. hate it when they keep tweaking n nerfing things…i find other browser mmorpg less of this ‘practice’

    time to quit~

  16. Can someone please suggest another game similar, which is actually non casher friendly and existing

    • in my experience all companies out there work to make profit so when you or I or anyone else join another similar game then the same system will also exist there under different graphics under different packages, etc, but the logic is always the same because people need to earn money to be able to pay their people and server costs and many other costs and there is nothing wrong with that

      • True but you can find games like “DragonEternity” and if you just keep playing you will be strong as anyone else, yes it has same actual money to game money option its called “reals” but the best part is you can get those “reals” for free also and good amount of them. You will never be as strong as those big cashers, but with smart playing you can compete with lower cashers and get ingame stuff that cashers get just by saving up some. Never seen wartune give us free balens…

    • Try Perfect World, good game free play massive world and has that what wartune is missing. Its my 2e favorite game since ages 😉

    • you can try League of Angels from Gtarcade

  17. was there anything with server today ? i have none of those events (apart from the already existing big spender which reset at 0:00).

    maybe it’s the sunday-morning-effect, but i don’t seem to have diamond synth.

    playing on kong

    • same here no events here too r2 s405 here

  18. same here no eude diamon event

    and stupid atoll boss is not resetting…seems stucked at 100/100

  19. There are enough games where you dont need to pay to become strong. This game is even more expensive then when you pay per month which is roughly 10 dollar. And those guys still be able to make profit. Warcraft for example. What this game is missing is an Auction House or some Exchange option where people can send/trade items. I’ve been arround for 30 years in MMO games and these flashgames and all the others try to lurk your money at high speed and dont care what people are saying :p

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