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Wartune Events 26 July 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 26 July 2016:

Holy Forge – 3 days

Daily Rewards:

Once per day Celebration Chest icon Wartune
Celebration Chest
Vulcan's Pack icon Wartune
Vulcan Pack
Forging per Chest
Holy Forge 10 times. to receive: 2 2 5
Holy Forge 30 times. to receive: 4 6 5
Holy Forge 50 times. to receive: 6 10 4.167
Holy Forge 100 times. to receive: 10 20 4.54
Holy Forge 300 times. to receive: 20 60 7.14
Holy Forge 600 times. to receive: 50 100 6.52
Holy Forge 1000 times. to receive: 100 200 5.21

Mount Training – 3 days

Daily rewards:

Note: Nirvana Phoenix, Meow Queen, Silver Tiger and X- Dragon do not count in this event. Gold icon Wartune
Celebration Chest icon Wartune
Celebration Chest
Mount Training Whip icon Wartune
Real Whips Used Cumul. Event Chest Analysis:
Whips per Event Chest
Train your mount 50 times to receive: 100k 1 20 30 1 30
Train your mount 200 times to receive: 300k 3 50 130 4 32.5
Train your mount 500 times to receive: 1000k 5 100 330 9 36.7
Train your mount 1000 times to receive: 2000k 10 300 530 19 27.9
Train your mount 3000 times to receive: 5000k 30 500 2030 49 41.4

Mount Refining – 4 days

Daily rewards:

Celebration Chest icon Wartune
Celebration Chest
Mount Hoof icon Wartune
Real Hoofs used
Hoofs per Chest
Hoofs return
Refine your Mount 20 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 1 5 15 15 25%
Refine your Mount 50 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 2 10 35 11.7 30%
Refine your Mount 100 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 3 20 65 10.8 35%
Refine your Mount 200 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 4 50 115 11.5 43%
Refine your Mount 500 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 5 150 265 17.7 47%
Refine your Mount 1000 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 10 300 465 18.6 54%


Tattoo & Holy Forge (Exchange) – 3 days

Event Chest x100 to receive: 250 Vulcan’s Hammer Wartune Events 31 Dec 2015 or 750 Vulcan’s Stove Wartune Events 31 Dec 2015 or 120 Vulcan’s Stithy Vulcan's Stithy icon Wartune or 360 Vulcan’s Clamp Vulcan's Clamp icon Wartune
Event Chest x120 to receive: 120 Titan’s Stone Shard Titan's Stone Shard icon Wartune or 120 Titan’s Iron Shard Titan's Iron Shard icon Wartune or 120 Titan’s Heart Shard Titan's Heart Shard icon Wartune or 1000 Advanced Henna Wartune Tattoo Maximum Capacity



Advanced Henna #1 – 3 days

Daily Rewards:

Wartune Tattoo Maximum Capacity Celebration Chest icon Wartune
Celebration Chest
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 10 times. to receive: 100 2
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 30 times. to receive: 300 4
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 50 times. to receive: 500 6
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 100 times. to receive: 1000 10

Advanced Henna #2 – 3 days

One Time only Rewards:

Wartune Tattoo Maximum Capacity Celebration Chest icon Wartune
Celebration Chest
Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 40 times. to receive: 400 5 500k
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 80 times. to receive: 800 10 1m
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 150 times. to receive: 1500 20 2m
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 300 times. to receive: 3000 50 5m


For those players playing specifically on servers covered by R2Games we remind that they have in the past banned/attacked accounts without any warning or communication and they have an unprofessional / unethical track record in communications and support, so your spending is your risk. For all other players under professional companies thank you for spending and supporting Wartune, your contributions help the game to remain successful.
Game Companies Ranking by DolyGames:

Upcoming casher events are:

  • Epic Spender Tattoo & Holy Forge (3 days) – 2000 to 50000 balen spending rewards incl. adv. henna and holy forge items
  • One Time Goodie Bag (3 days) – discount coupons rewarded for balen spending
  • Big Spender (1 day) – extra rewards for spending 1000-20000 balens
  • Beast Soul Chest Exchange (3 days) – for mounts including the new White Fang Card +400 stats mount White Fang Card +400 stats mount icon Wartune
  • Mount Training Balens (3 days) – spend balens to train stables 100-3000 times; rewards = Beast Souls, Event chests and gold

White Fang Card +400 stats mount Wartune

Tomorrow’s Upcoming Wartune Events

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  1. Thanks

    • cheers, thanks for taking time to say thanks 🙂
      – Cosmos

      • hi Cosmos, do you know how much adv henna do i need to get 1750 tatto stats? i m free player and thats what i need to get my knighthood, if i count the 3k adv henna i can get with these events i have 4.7k(1k from exchange daily+1.7k i have now) adv henna, i know its a matter of luck too but ,what u think?

        • you can try to estimate that using our henna analysis articles (complete analysis + true points of henna): //

        • hi 500 stat need 1000 adv henna so 1750 need 3800 Adv henna this is nearly thing to true

          • I would rather count with an average of 25 stat points per upgrade (100adv Henna)…

      • thx cosmo
        big fan ^^

        • thanks 🙂

  2. tnks man

    • 🙂

  3. Hov much gold will needed for 1000 holi forging tnx in advence.

    • hi i have 4 ring lvl 70 for holy forge with volcan hammer and stove and i have Gold. i calculate i can with this get full 1000 time and 192 box event. anyway i can get 2k adv henna ^^ im so happy

      • sory miss type 4x ring lvl 80 holy Judgemenet ^^

        • i was gona say that 1 isnt enough lol.
          actually last event i had a bit less than 2 billion and i managed to do the 1k forges but can be luck only but the 2/2.2 billion would be a good estimate

          • today i did that with 3itme lvl 80 and 1,700,000,000 gold

    • Srbine jebo ti pas mater

  4. Ty cosmos

    • 🙂

  5. Thanks.. cosmos sir, can you update dwarf per level pictures. I just wanna see if it’s cool when I choice dwarf as main eudaemon .for my knight. Thanks a lot and more more to come. 😉😉😉

  6. Wow… Didn’t know these guys were still up and running. Your posts are as thorough as ever and a big thank you for keeping die hard players abreast of things so they aren’t discovering it out of the blue when things get released in-game.

    Wouldn’t mind picking up the game again under the deemed professional sites but based on the changes in the game that won’t be happening any time soon. Still, its nice to see a friendly community of gamers assisting others at being their very best.

    Keep it up guys/gals.

    • hehe thanks topaz
      yes i understand 🙂
      best of luck to you as well

  7. thank you very much and thank you also for the events analysis (adv henna, mount whips, holy forge and mount refining mainly) thanks for all that help i will get KH tomorrow at reset

    • cheers and congrats in advance! 🙂

  8. Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who crunch the numbers and present us with all of the tips/strategies in the g ame and news about new events. I don’t know what any of us would do without y’all and I appreciate your time and effort more than you will ever know. Excellent job & Hugs! ♥

    • thanks 😛

  9. Fyi kabam is run by r2games

    • Kabam is a much bigger company than R2Games so they certainly do not run Kabam, but specifically for Wartune web they do fall under R2Games

  10. Thanks for sharing events.

    Can you make notes that tattoo gifts drop now bb? It can be nice outcome of those if time to click.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks.
      I don’t have a place to make a “note” of this, but everyone found out about this very quickly either from picking up or from guild/world chat. That said the amounts are insignificant so not a major issue if someone misses it 🙂

  11. How many times can we get the advanced henna?

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