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Wartune Events 22 August 2017

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Wartune Events 22 August 2017 (article + video).

Article Content:

  • Special notes and/or new type of Wartune events or exchanges (if any)
  • Link to REFERENCE article for exact configuration
  • “Normal” events’ summary in bullet points
  • Exchanges summary in bullet points (if any)
  • Summary of balen events
  • New mount or clothing (if any)
  • Video of events (link YouTube)

Special Notes

  • Extra login gift: Daru x10000000, Gold x10000000, Fusion Chi x5, Energy Stone x1, Clothing Refinement Stone x5, Blood of Zeus x100
  • Free event chest in Shop: YES
  • RAVE Event: is ongoing
  • This event cycle is a good chance to do Holy Forge and upgrade Tattoos.

Event Chest

  • The event chest Devil’s Code #2 finished.
  • The new event chest is the Flaming Gem. Flaming Gem icon events of Wartune Events 18 Aug 2017
  • The event mini-item is Ancient Coins. Ancient Coins icon events of Wartune Events 18 Aug 2017

Reference to Events Config

If you want to see exact configuration of events please refer to my page: Wartune Events Configuration REFERENCE

Events & Exchanges Summary

Regular events

  • Holy Forge – 3 days: Holy Forge X times. to receive rewards.
  • Mount Training (v-25-1500 return) – 3 days: Train mounts in the Stables. A good event giving a lot of Whips back.
  • Mount Refining – 3 days: Refine mounts.


  • Tattoo & Holy Forge (Exchange) – 3 days: Exchange for Holy Forge related items, Equipment upgrade items and Advanced Henna.
  • Special Exchange to fix the problem of Flags of Orders given out at wrong timing. Can exchange these into Ancient Coins.

Semi-casher events

  • Advanced Henna #1 – 3 days (Daily): During the event, advance cleanse tattoos X times to receive rewards.
  • Advanced Henna #2 – 3 days (One Time): During the event, advance cleanse tattoos X times to receive rewards.

Casher events

  • Big Spender (1 day) – extra rewards for spending 1000-15000 balens
  • Epic Spender (Tattoo & Holy Forge)(3 days) – 2000 to 30000 balen spending rewards
  • One Time Goodie Bag (3 days) – discount coupons rewarded for balen spending (2000 coupon for 5000+ spending, 200 coupon for 1000+ spending and 50 coupon for 500+ spending)
  • Mount Training Balens (3 days) – spend balens to train stables 100-3000 times; rewards = Beast Souls, Event chests and gold
  • Beast Soul Chest Exchange (4 days) – exchange for mounts including the new Steel Dragon mount +600 stats

Steel Dragon +600 Stats Mount Video

YouTube Video Link:

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  1. when is patch 7.5date?

  2. 24/8 2017

  3. WHY THE PROBLEM OF LOADING? You are a perversion

    • Please keep your mental issues to yourself. Your problems of loading are YOUR problems and not mine. And if you have problems with the owners of the game then go talk to them instead of coming here and insulting random honest people.
      – COSMOS

      • Not my problem And another browser is also loaded. My laptop is ok.

      • And my friend too problem load

      • And it is not my problem! I am not the owner of Wartune, I am a blogger helping people. So keep your insults to yourself and if you have a problem with the owners of the game then go talk to them.
        – COSMOS

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