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Wartune Events 19 DEC 2018 (CHRISTMAS, Rave, Crianza)

Hey everyone! For the 19th of Dec they launched exchanges for Christmas. I’d say this is a lazy job done – minimal effort for Christmas events. I’ll keep hoping for something cool.

They also launched Rave and Crianza to help get Christmas event items.

Christmas Lucky Exchange

It’s called the Christmas Wardrobe and is using the event item Christmas Clothing Shard 2018.

It can give clothing shards, clothing items (both human and Dragonchant) and other smaller rewards.

Christmas Exchange

A bit of a complex matter of exchanging multiple event items for rewards. Can get:

  • Christmas Cheer 2018 Title
  • and various consumables/items

Christmas Clothing Exchange

This is an exchange for those who want a guaranteed direct exchange for the clothing items. But i’d suggest going for the Lucky Exchange first and then see if you miss one item then maybe can use this one.

Events’ Video:

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  1. So we don’t know yet how to get these items other than rave and cash events?

    And is there any extra chrismas event like the snowball fight from last years?

  2. some 1 been giving the devs drugged infussed cookies and xmas cake and they came up with events the free players cant do

    so typical of the xmas dev scrooge

  3. No matter how weird
    it would be nice if you know to have a list of where the different items come from


  4. even big cashers will have problem whit that shit

  5. They even messed up with giving everyone the same criteria. Some people still require the items from a previous cornucopia.

    • From what I saw, R2 has the old one and ProfCity the new one

  6. The Gingerbread Men and Reindeer don’t seem to be in the game at all yet. They aren’t in the events or for sale in the shop.

  7. some stuff from campaigns again
    serenity lake in fetid seems to give 11 trees for 10 runs, for everyone i’ve spoken with, it’s been 11

  8. where is BAKU

  9. Chime Yeti’s! in wilds exchange at santa

  10. Anyone know where trees are in campaign today?

    • Demon Void Temple of fire

  11. Fire temple heroic level

  12. which campaign we can get xmas tree today?

  13. what’s oubar the GOD of anarchy?

  14. where can i get those reindeers? please help me

    • beer

  15. murkens forest serpents den heroic mode today for campaign trees

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