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Wartune Events 12 October 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 12 October 2015:

  • The main event is the Eudaemon RES Reduction upgrade with unlimited and once only rewards.
  • And the 2nd one is the 1 day Big Spender.

Given the criticism on events in past days I imagine this will not make people happy either, but hopefully better events will come.

Wartune Events 12 October 2015

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  1. So any chance when SC event soon?

    • nobody really knows, but if we hear something i will of course post about it

  2. Yeah these recent events have not been that great. I really need gold too!

  3. This events are not too good as your main Eudaemon will only reach each level once in a Lifetiem. I mean u have a lot of Eudaemons but materials are limtied, so it will be hard to reach this levels for every Eudaemon.

    This events should happen once a month. Not every 2 weeks.

    Anyway, after all past not very nice events, including the gem synth fake event lol. I guess the good is about to come.

    Gotta be patient…

    And as everyone, really looking forward for a Soul Crystal event. I guess G M s are forgetting that there is new servers too, lol.

    • ya and most people who are not super active don’t even have all those mats so as you rightfully said what’s the point of so frequent on those events…
      as for SC, it’s been so long i’m not sure they care to do it but people can hope…
      also fate was not done a long time, SS was never done, cards never happened anymore, as someone mentioned God’s Descent got lost, and generally a lot of poor management happening
      I just continue to dream about a super fast solution for dimensions (sick of doing them) and 500 more inventory pages 🙂

      • Yeah if people dont do Eudaemon arena and high levels of Tower of Kings people can forget about Eudaemon free materials. But well, I guess it is reasonable that the most actives get the more possibilities, still this game has gone insanely time consuming which is why I recommend to evaluate all the activities and only do those that gives better rewards…

        A more experienced friend told me that “SC event lag” has happened before, so I have faith it will eventually come.

        I never knew God’s Decent, but I have read that “name” several times in some of your post I guess xD!.

        And yeah, Circuit Quest, Dimension, are some of the activies I get very bored to do. But well I do as it is only temporary. CircuitQ, until Soul Engraving is maxed. Dimension, until level 12 resistances (ez, about about year if using during event o_o).

        Definetely agree with the inventory pages, 5 is not enough.


      • Hey man, nice to see you here, you will learn more checking this site :)!

  4. I wonder when are they going to have a good gems and mahra event we have not a had good one in a while.

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