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War Emblem Level 30+ and Eudaemon Merging

Hey guys, adding on top of my previous Eudaemon news posts, here I share with you possibly upcoming Wartune updates where Eudaemons seem to get a major overhaul. I show you here War Emblem maximum limits lifted to Level 30+ or more and Eudaemon skills and attack types (PATK/MATK) possibly merging. Finally, at the bottom I will also share a new picture from Outland Titan City where we can see a new location.

Reminder: remember this is very preliminary information and it is possible that these changes either fully or partially do not come to our Wartune version as expected in June 2017.

Before proceeding I give thanks to Dong and Eric for their contributions – thank you!

War Emblem Level 30+

RES Reduction Level 22

(but probably goes 30+ also like War Emblem)

Resistance Level 18

(but probably goes 30+ also like War Emblem)

Eudaemon / Eudaemon Skills Merging

Here you can recognize the skills of Sanctuary Hunter in the first row (PATK type). In the 2nd row are the skills of the Scourge Mage (MATK type). And then you see arrows going into the 3rd row which can indicate a merging of these 2 Eudaemons and/or skills. The bottom row is just the 5 skills you choose to equip.

Outland Titan City New Location

And here, as promised, the new location in the Titan City:

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  1. seems a good patch till now. the eudaemons was too weaks till now.

    i’m curious of see the new dungeon in titan city (for only eudaemons mergeds? a new bounty target that is capped at level 100?)

  2. it is angel like eud, the skill on the image if anyone ask 😛 And let wait cosmos for detail when time comes

  3. Oh good, put the Eudomons in Titan City that you can’t get into in between Outland Events. If they fix that, then moving it is fine, but otherwise that’s a negative.

  4. thes new updata or just info

  5. thes new updata

    Highest Guild Treasure Chest ive seen
    300 yellow crystals 🙂

  7. I would like to know if after the update, we will have an improvement in pvp using eudaemon, because it is in a lost case play with 4 in the pt, very slow wait for the guards to attack and then the characters attack. My attacks take a long time to launch and this makes the game very annoying.

  8. What is the maximum level of the two Badges of War? Can someone tell me accurately?

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