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Various WARTUNE TIPS (Mar19)

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you a bunch of Wartune tips! Hopefully they will help you with efficiency and otherwise improving playing Wartune. Also thanks to my guild mate Filemon for chats and helping to come up with new tips. So here we go in no particular order:

Do Guild Dungeon naked!

This is significantly overlooked unfortunately by Wartune players. It is really a huge efficiency benefit for all guild members to FAIL guild dungeon as much as possible. Instead of trying to be first in clearing the dungeon play as a guild and make sure that everyone can pick up the Merit rewards every day! And only clear the dungeon at the end before a new cycle begins.

You can also clear the majority and leave the last map for the above “failing”, but someone always messes up in practice due to forgetting or being in a hurry, which is OK sometimes – as long as the whole thing does not get clear. Remember that high BR players still do damage even if they are unequipped and there might be 20-50 players attacking daily so you need to get a good amount of room to make sure everyone collects the Merit reward daily.

Guild Siege Harass Tip

In Guild Siege you can actually harass an enemy player more than 1 time by the same player. However, in order to do this you need to do something else before the game lets you harass again. So it can be something like:

  • Harass enemy player A
  • Attack or Harass enemy player B
  • Then come back and again Harass enemy player A
  • Last energy point: Attack or Harass any enemy player except A

This allows 2 harasses per player, which is very useful when needing to take down powerful enemy players in Guild Siege.

Note that for Harass you don’t need to have a lot of BR and so the system is open to abuse whereby Wartune players can create alts simply to do all the Harasses while attacking with their main characters. The Harass combat is not a full battle, it only goes for a couple of rounds and then a Victory screen is given. However I am told that if one manages to kill an enemy player during that short period of time then only 1 energy will be used.

Cauldron before and after reset

You can get additional rewards and/or lose less resources if you use the Cauldron benefits to cover the time period right before and after the server reset.

For example you can get double rewards in Wilds by collecting before the reset and then again after with the 4 hour buff giving plenty of time to do this. Some of my guildies do it each 2 days for double rewards in 2 full Archeology runs in Wilds.

Choosing Mini Event item exchanges

With the recent changes in Hot Events players only get 99 exchanges from main event item to mini during the time when the following 4 are available:

  • 10 x Clothing shard exchanges (100 mini items)
  • 10 x Clothing chests in Lucky Exchange (100 mini items)
  • 99 x Symbiosis Stones’ exchanges (990 mini items)
  • Other (e.g. Charge Fragment exchanges)

So it is impossible to get all of these as we have done in the past. Therefore players have to choose / prioritize. I suggest taking the maximum amount of clothing shards (that’s 10 + 10 or 200 mini items0 and whatever remains use to get the symbiosis stones. When the Symbiosis Hot Event is on it usually uses up to 80 stones per day for 3 days making a total of 240 stones to do that event fully.

Tip for Guild Treasure Chests

You can actually stack up guild treasure chests. This helps a lot any busy players when you have to clear 3 daily to get the Quest Academy Merit rewards. I currently have around 90 ready chests which I can claim at any time! You definitely don’t need this many, I am simply not in a rush to collect those rewards. When you do this you get a large notifications number on the bottom right on top of the Guild icon:

You can also see a split view in the Guild Treasure window (picture below: 36 / 52). So far I have not seen any maximum, but the highest I have collected was 5X in one category.

Guild Treasure SHARE GREENS!

As a sub-category to the guild treasure tip: share the green treasures for your guild mates! You might think the reward is not worth it but it really helps all those Wartune players (who are busy in RL) who need to do 1 hour guild treasures either for the purpose of Merit or the Hot Event.

Lord’s Trial Timing & Ranks Tips

The ranking in Lord’s Trial is calculated based on “first come, first serve” logic, so whoever clears 30 stages first gets the #1 Rank, no matter what BR the player may have.

Therefore, there is a strong competition for the first run of 30 to clear Level 3. And this happens in the first minutes after the server reset (usually Thursday reset). So the Thursday reset is normally more important than any other day and if you had to choose that’s the reset you want to be present for.

Note that some Wartune players use all their keys before Thursday with the hope / expectation to reach 30 using the Thursday prayers, so waiting to do all 30 runs after the reset is usually not the best idea. However, if you have only gathered 20-23 keys it is risky to do this because you might not get enough keys. In this case it might be better to grab a high rank in Level 2 and/or Level 1 first.

Goddess Priority Tip

The most important resource for Goddesses are the shards, so when you do your daily runs I suggest to prioritize shard collections. This would mean 4×3 or 6×3 bosses depending on how much of the map you have cleared.

After that normally the importance goes like: Shards > Scripts > Wave Crystals

However, some players do not like the benefits from the Scripts and thus prefer Wave Crystals instead. But you still get Wave Crystals when you do Shards or Scripts so for my character I prefer to stick to the above order.

Calendar reminders

This is something simple you can do from outside of the game. If you are using the Google Calendar or any other calendar you can set yourself a weekly and/or month end reminders which can send you an sms or an email to remind about collecting Arena rewards (League Insignia) and/or checking Mount Shop mounts and/or making sure you use your event items before they expire.

So there you have it. I hope you found these Wartune tips useful 🙂

If you have any comments or other Wartune tips to share with players please post in the comment section below!

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  1. Ty for all the tips. About the harass part, you said if you kill someone while harassing, it will only use 1 energy. But it only takes 1 energy to begin with. Did you mean use 0 energy?

    • Hi hi, thanks 🙂
      To answer your question, we normally use 1 energy for harass and then have to use 1 more to attack / kill, so that would be 2 in total. But if I was told correctly, in the rare cast that you can kill during harass short time then you don’t waste that 1 energy on harass so end up using just 1.

  2. i always like much these articles about tips and tricks

    • 🙂

  3. I have harassed with 3 different results and they led to the same thing. I died (he attacked first and way stronger), he died, and waited 2 rounds and fight ended. All 3 didn’t affect enemy hp, and added 1 harass to the counter.

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. About slow guild dungeon..There is ranking rewards to be considered for strong guilds. If you for example “extend” time window for daily merit reward by 45 days by killing it slow you get 2250 extra merits. That means 225 emblems. By doing it slow you most likely drop out of top 20. So if you had got rank 1 or 2 by doing it as fast as possible you lose up to 165 emblems and 6k dwarwen silver. So you trade 600 merits for 6k dwarwen silver. Ofc some might think its worth, but not everyone 🙂 For guilds who got no shot in top 3 its definitely worth to do it slow tho.

    • Thanks for the feedback. It is indeed something to consider, however, I personally value Merit more (compared to for example Dwarven Silver). And I think it is also a nice thing to do for the guild leaders to boost income of weaker guild members even if that might mean sacrificing a bit of their own rewards (assuming the guild has active lower BR players).

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