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Valentine’s Event Mount Trades Structure

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you a visualization I prepared for Wartune’s Valentine’s Day exchanges. I hope this will help you clearly see the options all players have and help you decide which path you want to choose.

As you can see from the chart below we have 2 paths – luck based and guaranteed options. For example we can use Diamond Rings to trade for mounts or trade them (up to 100) into Lucky Chests where we have a chance to get mounts (and other items).

At this moment my character has 83 Lucky Chests, 175 Crystal Shoes, 11 Diamond Rings and 1265 Headdresses with about 3 days still to go. Once I “roll” the Crystal Shoes I then will have the choice to gather the Diamond Rings or to convert them into Lucky Chests (if I wanna go for luck rolls).

What will you do? Vote on the poll below.

Here is just a simple poll I prepared where we can vote and see what preferences Wartune players have. Do you prefer to go for guaranteed trades or will you roll the dice and go for luck drops?

Will you use your event items for guaranteed trades or go for luck rolls?

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  1. I got the 600 mount on 1st try 16 chest

    • Me too 🙂

  2. Have already gotten 2. 2400 souls for the second. 45 chests

  3. I got 5 water spirits and 1 valentine’s moon on lucky exchange, didn’t tried the last one for the other mount, also don’t know if any remember the mount pumpkin carriage that couldn’t be recycled if you havent noticed yet now you can recycle it.
    Don’t know when they changed that but i only noticed today.

    • nice 🙂

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