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Triple Final Blow Emeraldia

Hey everyone! This is a short fun post about triple final blow on our dear friend, Mr. Azakar, the big bad guy of Emeraldia.

For those unfamiliar there was always only 1 final blow in Wartune, which was established for the World Boss and the player who got it would win a big reward (now it’s not that big since Wartune has progressed and they have not changed the reward).

But since Emeraldia was added it is possible to do double or triple final blow on its boss there. I am not sure if it is a bug or they don’t care about it. Regardless it really makes no difference how many since there is no specific reward for that for this boss.

Anyways here is the proof picture:

And a pic of Azakar 🙂


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  1. Question: Do they ever have events for using Cast Stones for your relics?

    I don’t remember there being one, but I could have forgotten/missed it

    • Hi, yes, it happened a number of times. One example is 7 days in a row to use up to 1000 Cast Stones per day.
      I think there was a 3 day version also but i forget.
      – COSMOS

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