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Wartune World Cup FINAL Odds & Fun

Hi Everyone! In this article we look into the winning chances for the Wartune World Cup Events FINAL and I also share some fun pics. So check out the 2 games below and the odds of various outcomes and make your decisions for badge exchanges in Wartune.

Firstly, here is the picture of the 2 games of the World Cup FINAL with their dates / timings that I got from the Fifa websites, but please note that inside Wartune we only have the exchange option for the FINAL game and not the determination of 3rd/4th place!

World Cup FINAL Games

World Cup Winner Chances / Odds

Again I only post odds for the FINAL game because that’s the only option we have in Wartune:

France vs. Croatia

  • France to win: 19/20 = 0.95/1 = is the favorite team to win based on odds
  • Croatia to win: 4/1
  • Draw = 45/19 = 2.37/1

COSMOS’s bets

In this badges exchange cycle I am just going to follow the odds which basically say that France is more than 4 times likely to win, which sounds like a high probability for me (that does not mean Croatia cannot win), so:

  • 100% of remaining event badges to France
  • I will keep my existing England and Belgium badges which I had exchanged previously

Hope this helps you exchange your TV Stars / badges for maximum rewards in Wartune and if you have any additional info / suggestions please post in the comments below.

Finally some fun pics:

This one I posted yesterday on my social pages for Croatia:

And here is a new fun Wartune pic for France:

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  1. maybe im stupid but the final cup exchanges were before the last match?I was busy and watched last 1/2 of cup match then logged to exchange and guess what thwre isnt an exchange
    ofc the logic of r2 is as follows chests for month of june start mid may end mid june
    and like in Vegas u get payoff before last match lol

    • Yes as I wrote several times their implementation of the World Cup events was a horrible unprofessional job. I tried to help guide players on the way as much as I could. That said you should look carefully at the timings when the events expire and make sure you exchange things before the serve reset that is relevant to that particular event.

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