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To Rune or Not To Rune

Hey guys, with the Rune Exchange coming up on the 15 Jan, the Rune Consumption event is again not showing up, which left some people asking if they should use their runes or wait more. Thus this post – to consume runestones or not.

Rune Consumption Timing

Looking in my notes the Rune Consumption event, which was making a nice offer of “Use your Runestone 100 times to receive 50 Runestone” did not show up last 3 times according to the events schedule when it was expected. Digging a little deeper I find the last record of it in my notes all the way back in July 2016, which is a long while ago.

This might indicate that they have decided to drop this event since BI dungeon, for example, is dropping runestones as well as Tanks, or it could simply be an administration error where it got forgotten in the programming and then the same error is copy pasted again and again (as events are often re-used by the Wartune Team).

To Rune or Not To Rune

A guildie of mine asked me, as other players asked or considered, should we use the runestones or wait for whenever the Rune Consumption event pops up at some point in the future. This is a valid question and I offer you the following advice:

  • If you were planning to upgrade your Healing Rune then I’d advise you to go ahead and do that because this will definitely help you in multiple areas of the game.
  • If you PvP daily and frequently use Chaos or Amnesia Runes to help you win battles then also you probably should upgrade, however, if you do use these runes daily in PvE but NOT PvP then there is no huge difference in your daily activities in which case you can easily wait.
  • All other Runes have become less of a big deal and upgrading 1 or 2 levels should not change your daily rewards or Wartune experience and I would suggest to wait for the event.

Other Considerations

  • On the other hand we also cannot wait forever, so you could decide on a minimum amount that you will keep in case a 100/50 event shows up again and any runestones above that is free to use.
  • Another exception is something like a Rage Rune if your Clothing level is not high enough. For example on my Cosmos Knight I use Rage + Healing Runes as main Runes daily. If you fall into this case then you probably want to have an acceptable level Rage Rune.
  • Another exception = for newer players it is important to use the Rune Exchange event in order to obtain all the different Runes without balens.
  • Last exception = if you are maxed out on all the Basic Runes then you probably want to exchange for Medium Runestone

How much EXP / runestones it takes to upgrade

For reference we also have posted previously exact amounts per runestones for EXP as well as amount, so you can check those posts to know if you are able to max out a Rune or not:

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  1. I runed.. not worth waiting more they removed it just like they removed other parts of events, besides its not like they just removed it, it was gona even the previous event

  2. I have to agree. Based on the past, once an event is gone, it stays gone! Best to either consume or convert.

  3. How do you convert runestones?

    • there is a Rune Exchange event that you can use for that

  4. They removed the consumption event, yet the engraving events STILL are around. It’s very peculiar which events they keep and which they get rid of. I’ve got most of my basic ones maxed out, but I wouldn’t mind maxing out purge rune. Without the consumption event (or chaos wars shop, which was a great, cheap source for runestones) it’s very, very hard to max out runes now.

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