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Purification Rune – Zero to Max

Hey guys, in this post/video I share with you how much experience and/or how many Runestones it takes to max out a Purification Rune in Wartune from nothing to absolute maximum.

Purification Rune Maxed Wartune

Basic Runestone

  • Start = 12,507 Runestones
  • End = 507 Runestones = 12,000 used
  • Total Experience = 600,000 EXP
  • Rune = 190800/190800

Advanced Runestone

  • Up to present time there is no “Advanced” version to the Purification Rune.

Video: Purification Rune – Zero to Max

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  1. did you do one for the rage rune?

    • i will see if i can get that done, but i think i already have the rune activated on my accounts so i might not be able to do it exactly like this
      – Cosmos

  2. hey cosmo any info if they totally removed clothing identify & rune consumption events?

    • we are discussing that openly, nobody really knows and they did not communicate anything, but they missed already 2-3 times to open it when it was supposed to be opened
      if/when we learn anything new we will inform – not keeping secrets 🙂

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