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Tips and Gameplay: Chaos War (August 2015)

The first Chaos War is over, and it really held up to its name! This new cross-server event is incredibly hectic, and because there are so many players on the field at once, many players struggle with lag, lag, and more lag. That said, it’s always exciting to have a new cross-server PvP event.


Top teams from each of the servers we faced in finals! Really fun stuff ­čÖé Check out the vids at the end for all the action!

I don’t claim to know the best strategy for Chaos War, but at least from what I’ve observed, here are some things that can help your server succeed:

  • Have top players party together – Even if they’re super strong, your top players can get taken out if they’re on their own or have much weaker support when facing several high BR opponents. Form the strongest PvP team possible for your server and have them make a party once they enter. They can then go around and take down the opposing server’s biggest contenders. Also have at least a couple more parties that are capable of taking down medium to medium-high BR teams.
  • Have lower BR players stay solo and out of conflict – Since the final decision is made by how many players each side has left, lower BR players that cannot effectively win in 4-player parties should stay solo and avoid getting attacked for as long as possible. If they are attacked, it’s better that they’re on their own, so it wastes time for the top teams to kill them individually.
  • Hide clothing and extravagant mounts – Lag is a big factor for many players, so hiding clothing and putting on the very basic stable mounts can┬áspeed things up. If everyone on the server does this, it will likely help quite a bit.

Both Cosmos and I recorded our Chaos War competitions! Check out some of these tips in action and all the tough battles I have against top players in the gameplay videos below!

VIDEOS: Eliatan – Kabam s18/21 – US West Chaos War



VIDEOS: Cosmos – Armor Games s1 – European┬áChaos War



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  1. part of the problem is that my server did turn off most clothes and used basic mounts, the opposing team outfitted together with the most flashy clothes and mounts. so unless all servers stop using the flashy stuff for cross server stuff its not really going to help any. wartune needs to get rid of the screen bounce for crit and somehow get rid of the all the crit bonus graphics it really lags out then. time will tell if they do though.

  2. The annoying part of “making teams” is everytime you finish a fight it “disbands”.

  3. Ran into a big fail on one of my rounds.

    Joined a battle that was already taking place, right as I joined my side in that battle all died. Well guess what, I died with them.

    So be wary of what battles you join that are already in place.

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