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Time it Takes to Complete Daily Tasks in Wartune

Hey guys, Vexx here. Today I answer one of the most asked questions. “About how long does it take to complete all dailies?” I have the answer: I have done all of the following solo (With 1.25 million BR (or 425K without Eudaemon)) to give you an approximation of the time needed in Wartune each day. Please note that I have not included Blitzing time as you can use a Spirit Covenant or go offline while waiting. The results are as follows :

Approximate time Daily Tasks take in Wartune:

  • Spire approximate time : 12 Minutes
  • Tower of Kings approximate time : 18 Minutes
  • Sylph Arena approximate time (without cool-down time) : 10 Minutes
  • Solo Arena approximate time (without cool-down time) : 10 Minutes
  • Nirvana Nightmare approximate time : 11 Minutes
  • Dragon Invasion approximate time : 20 Minutes
  • Bloody Inferno approximate time : 18 Minutes
  • Multi-Player Arena approximate time : 18 Minutes
  • Eudaemon Arena approximate time : 20 Minutes
  • Battlegrounds approximate time (each) : 25 Minutes
  • Wilds approximate time : 30 Minutes (can be much faster if lucky)
  • Sylph Boss approximate time : 35 Minutes (harder with 5.1 as someone might “steal” the boss)
  • Forgotten Catacombs approximate time : 1 Minute
  • Tormented Necropolis approximate time : 2 Minutes
  • Dimensions : 7 Minutes (for conquest only – higher for Expert)
  • Tara Temple: 7 minutes (with decent party)
  • Other little things: 5 minutes

Total approximate time needed for Dailies : 3 Hours 39 Minutes

Not included in final time as each varies too wildly to give good calculations:

  • Narrandera Remains
  • Game Box mini-games
  • Circuit Quests
  • Elemental Forest

How does this short analysis compare with the time you need to finish your daily tasks in Wartune? Do you spend more time or do you manage to be somehow more efficient and do them faster (maybe skip some?). Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. My team does tok, spire, ef, di, then bi and it takes roughly an hour and a half. However, the new spire nm we were in that for about an hr just on its own. Tok with the new patch is horrible so i will be skipping that until they fix it.

    • careful cause tok now gives lots of whips, it might even be better to skip other things than this

      • Tok is unpassable unless ypu spend to get strong enough. Im 2 mil br and havent even passed one round of tok easy yet

      • I have tried TOK normal and easy with a team of 4 with BR of 2mil+ each and not passed 1 level, even of easy. So why waste your time. It was already laggy there before patch. With the shadow heroes having their eudaemons combined with horrible lag, just why bother? Do they ever make a patch that doesn’t break a bunch of stuff? How can you have people developing a game that they could not possibly be playing themselves.

      • I did ToK Easy today with Fozzy and Blond and we cleared it with no problems at all. That is where the times came from for that.

      • Was that before or after the 5.1 patch? Most on our server report unable to pass easy. With team of 3 with over 2.5 M and 1 with 3.8 M we only beat 2 levels

      • @PamsterLA, yes, this was done after the patch

  2. I only do DI and ToK daily with my team. Solo Arena 2 times a week to get just silver. Do all eudo Arenas, bountys. No more sylph atoll, no more ef hell (as i got all maths). Spire is a waste of time, same for BI. I do last 10 mins of BG whenever I can. And still is a lot of time…

  3. you forgot the time spent on loadings and laggs

  4. Hi All,
    I am at a BR of 1920k and with a team around 2 mill BR we even cannot pass stage 1 in ToK easy ???
    how strong are you and your team..?

  5. If only it took 3 to 4 hrs. I spend so much time on this game its like a full time job.

  6. spend more time for loading and relogin after do anything, all are not well for free player

  7. missing TOK is at best foolish, use mages and atleast one posidon and easy is well easy I’m doing hard with a team 2 have 1.5 mill 1 2.25 nd I have well more once u beat lvl 1 u will beat them all as it gets easier

  8. Good article, thank you! This 4 hour looks a good guess, although I doubt I ever can do dimensions in 7 minutes, it’s a lot more, like 15-20 minutes. Spire for me is 1 minute, I start it before I log off, and have the chests in mailbox the next day.
    We do tok nm all 5 rooms each day (but only if there is no Frigga/Poseidon). To me it seems each room is the same difficulty. Chaos, stun, heal are your friends.

    • Dimensions are a lot easier and a lot faster after the update. The search function at the top only reveals the Bases and Portal to next level. Meaning you can just go straight to those and finish it faster than ever.

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