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Stage 60 Boss Fight & Attack Sequence in Sylph Expedition

Hi everyone! I recorded my victory in Sylph Expedition of Level/Stage 60 Boss battle and I share here the tips and the video.

About Luck, Lag and Determination

I actually lost strongly this exact battle the day before. It went so bad that I almost did not try again – I am glad I remained determined which allowed me to progress further.

Some days you may have more or less lag. Lag plays an important role in the ability to cast skills exactly when they must be cast, because losing even 1 turn could be the different between winning or failing.

The luck factor is partly connected to your actual skills of playing well. Managing to skip the auto attack round by using skills at the right time is a very important aspect in maximizing damage output. This is both a skill to develop but will always be connected to luck as well because we cannot manage milliseconds and cannot determine the lag situation each second. So the only way to beat this is to keep on trying again and again using a winning strategy / attack sequence.

So don’t blame the world, focus on improving your situation a little bit every day. If you fail one day, keep improving and try again and again until you succeed.

Sylph Expedition Attack Sequence Tips / Guide

This is the sequence where the strong Delphic attacks are set in 2nd and 3rd slot for sylphs.

  • It’s generally a good idea to start with Divine Guardian. The reason for this is that often bosses hit with AOE right at the start and don’t always AOE after. There is also not really a better time to use this skill (1st round of skills) later on.
  • Next there is a combination with casting Constraint followed by Spirit Chain. This forces the Boss to use weaker regular attacks and then spreads the damage over the whole team effectively buying you few turns of safety to dish out damage. Sometimes Constraint can be skipped to be used later if your team can handle the full attack under Spirit Chain.
  • Next comes the round for the first strong Delphic attacks. This is exactly when your weakest sylph must deploy Enhanced Attack and this has to land before your 3 other sylphs start their attacks. If you play well and your lag situation is not too bad you can also manage to sneak in Dispel before the strong attacks. This is not for the main purpose of the Dispel but due to it’s secondary benefit of increasing damage.
  • The heals can be used at any point to keep the team in a good shape, however, sometimes it is totally OK to allow a weaker sylph to die rather than wasting a heal on it.
  • If everything is going well at this point you still have 3-4 sylphs in your team fighting and you may choose to use the Stun (1st round of skills) to live a little longer until all 3 weaker sylphs die and you continue with the main sylph.
  • A key point is that you do not want to keep all 4 sylphs alive. You actually need 3 of them to die at the correct time so that the main strong sylph is left with ALL of 2nd round skills and possibly even with a few leftover 1st round skills. The reason for this is that it is possible to learn to play well and use skills in between of strong attacks to significantly increase your damage output. You want to arrive at either:
    • Scenario 1) [ Strong Attack > skill > skill ] in 1 round –> [ Strong Attack > skill > skill ] in 1 round
    • Scenario 2) or at least [ Strong Attack > skill ] in 1 round –> [ Strong Attack > skill ] in 1 round –> [ Strong Attack > skill ] in 1 round

VIDEO: Wartune Sylph Expedition Stage/Level 60 Boss Fight Win & Attack Sequence

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  1. I find keeping all 4 alive is best for me… my odin helps a little with damage, but borrowed sylph does most of the work. frigga is 2nd strongest and its a heal/shield/whispering wind bot. my thor is the one using the skills, especially before it was maxed out on adv sep i wasn’t too concerned with messing up thor’s skills. the longer frigga and thor last, the less rounds were wasted by my odin and the borrowed sylph. (ok so i went a little crazy exchanging for sylph materials to get all 3) I usually start with stun then constraint, and try to use enhanced attack just before sylphs second move. i kinda wing it after that, unless i have the boss figured out enough i can time the shield just right. A few of the bosses (i think 62 and 63 iirc) have reflect which needs dispelling so i cant always use that for added damage. the damage immunity shield can also puri and i used that on a boss that was causing damage debuffs on my team. Furthest i have gotten is 64… but some of the people i borrow from haven’t beaten it yet so i haven’t tried too hard on 65… when i beat 60 i got lucky and somehow my weakest sylph survived the 2 round stun.

  2. Don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like they made lvl 60 harder. About a month or maybe more, I nearly had it beat, just had sliver of life left, one more small hit and dead.

    Ever since then, I am doing good if I can get him down to the last bar. Not sure if it just the lag causing it to be that much harder or what but something has happened.

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