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KH Archer World Boss Attack Sequence Strategy

Hey guys, in this post we discuss about World Boss attack sequence / rotation / strategy for a Knighted Archer Class in Wartune. Other classes can also benefit from the discussion as many things like Runes, Titans or game concepts apply to everyone.

World Boss Death Speed

I will first tackle the big elephant in the room – the speed at which World Boss dies. Both we and many players have highlighted about this numerous times in the past, i.e. the fact that on many servers WB dies literally in seconds. Naturally, it is not possible to apply a full 5+ turn strategy in these situations, however, strategy can still increase your income significantly even in seconds (e.g. COSMOS’s WB gold/daru can fly anywhere between 5 mil and 15 mil)

On other Wartune servers, usually newer ones, World Boss lives a good while allowing players to optimize their attack sequences.

Interviews with Top Archers

I interviewed a bunch of top archers regarding this topic in order to write for you the best quality strategy article. In the table below I will try to consolidate all the discussions of the various points of view and will write my final conclusion at the end. And thanks to everyone who helped, Dream, Filemon, Marcha, Xela, Fury69 and everyone else.

World Boss Attack Sequence / Rotation

(This table is not the final result)

Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3
Aimed Shot
or Aimed Shot + RuneNote:
Big hits are saved for 2nd turn to go with damage increases applied by Eudaemons.

Big impact if have the +100% Critical damage Titan (Celestial Strength) or not

ideally 2 attacks:
Rune + Fatal Strike
or Cluster Bomb2nd one:
Multi Shot
gather rage:
Aimed ShotMulti Shot

if have rage:
Cluster Bomb

Passives versus Runes

ย vs

Some players prefer to have the security and guarantee of Runes, so they choose to increase damage with a Brutality Rune for example. However, it is important to point out that KH Archer’s damage is heavily reliant on his 2 passives: Crack Shot, which can increase damage up to 30% and stacks up to 3 times andย , which can increase damage up to 60% and lasts for 2 turns.

Because of the above using a Rune goes directly against Passives by removing a stacking layer or removing an extra turn and so it is important to consider this effect when you are thinking about using a Rune such as Brut for buffing up your damage. Consequently, it might be a good idea to only use Runes right at the beginning and not anymore.

Titans Order

It is also important to pick if you want your Crit Titan to activate after 1st or 2nd attacks. On those servers where WB dies in 1-2 hits it is probably safer to have it right at the start, however you can pile up more damage output in some cases if you have it activated after 2nd action.

Fatal Strike vs Cluster Bomb


There was some discussion between these 2 skills. While Fatal Strike does more damage as a percentage it applies the attack in 1 big hit while Cluster Bomb applies its attack with multiple hits. The discussion argues that since the passives have a chance of activation then you have more chance that one of the 3 attacks of the Cluster Bombs will activate the passives rather than the single attack of the Fatal Strike. While this is true for any single World Boss event, I feel that over 100 WB events it all averages out and I’d pick the bigger damage Fatal Strike.

Eudaemon Selection

The following Eudaemons came out during the discussions – basically the main purpose is to buff up damage of the Hero or the Main Character as much as possible, so whatever you have that does that is good.

  • Battle Oracle (for Damnation – up to 50% 3 turns) + Wind Ranger (Cursed Arrow – solid 40% 2 turns)
  • Battle Oracle (for Damnation) + Blood Demon (Blood Sacrifice – up to 50% 2 turns)
  • or any combination of these 3

COSMOS’s Conclusion / Recommendation

Finally KH Archers should target a sequence as follows:

  • Prep (applies to all classes): (1) set +Crit Titan to activate after 2nd action, (2) set Eudaemons only with 1 power-up, ideally 50% x 2 Damnations, (3) set Brutality and Rage as Runes (for long WB) or Brutality and Chaos/Amnesia (for quick WB)
  • TURN 1) Aimed Shot + Brutality (exception: if have super high starting rage can do Multi Shot + Brutality)
  • +Crit Titan activates
  • TURN 2) Hit hard with Fatal Strike (with 2x Eudaemon buff + Brut + Passives (hopefully) + Crit Titan) and also try to fit in 1 more attack in this turn such as Multi Shot. If you find that based on your PC/connection/whatever you cannot fit in Multi Shot, then try Aimed Shot.
  • TURN 3) Cluster Bomb + 1 fast attack

Other considerations:

  • Depending on your character and server situation you can load up on Rage by using a Rage Rune right at the start which should allow you to double attack in each of the 2 following turns.
  • If you have a longer lasting World Boss and Iron Will Titan, then use this to get into Sylph mode after the big attack.
  • If your Damnation is at 35% or below but your Oracle is your main Eudaemon, it is still better to use a 40% level 1 Wind as 2 x 5% = 10% additional damage is significant
  • Remember that Blood Demon’s buff applies on you and not the enemy unlike the other buffs so make sure not to cancel it by using runes.

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Reference KH Archer Skills:

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  1. CommentWant to make one for mages?

    • Can you make one for Mages?

  2. seriously? most only get one shot, if it loads that is

  3. 2 damnation 50% cant stack just overwrite one on another, need use one with 45% and 50% to stack.
    i use blood warrir menace +50% and damnation +50%
    turn 1 hit+iron will
    turn 2 sylph mode+celestial strength
    turn 3 hit+ arcane power
    turn 4 delphic (arcane remove CD of delphic)
    turn 5 delphic again

  4. I can’t access wartune. It shows a black screen immediately as after loading cloud city. Is something wrong in my system?

    • likely it is due to your system – yes
      try a different browser (Edge, Chrome, Nitro) or a different computer to see if it works elsewhere
      try clearing all cache
      make sure all your flash and other things are up to date on your PC

  5. Its gonna be usefull when i get KH in a few

  6. My archer do arround 60M / 80M ans servive from big attack ๐Ÿ™‚

    • big attack of the boss have effect only on a novices ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. our WB lasts 1-2 turns…

    • and in those 1-2 turns you can make either 5 mil or 20 mil depending on what exactly you do

      • depending on your BR

  8. what about blood warrior with 50% damage increase at lvl 1 and frost panther with 45% at lvl 5. these two seems easiest to get and give more damage.

  9. As a mage i prefer,
    Brutality Rune: 25%
    Celestial Strength: 100%
    Battle Oracle: Damnation 50%
    Frost Panther: Inspiration 60%
    Criminal Trial(Mages)
    (Deicide for Knights if they have it)
    (Fatal Strike for Archers)

    You seem to forget your premise is lost when it only lasts a short short time, so the most dmg possible is that type of setup

    • Thanks for sharing Darrkin

  10. Depending on the day’s lag and who is in WB i avg 16m with my high of 25m

  11. knights just get left out , they need to make it same for knights as they have for archers n mages

  12. I have found I can get more gold by doing rage rune first, celestrial strength titan, fatal strike, aimed shot, cluster bomb, sometimes can get off chaos rune but usually dead by then. I also use lvl 12 oracle as main and lvl 12 5 star ranger as second kid with only damnation and cursed arrow.

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