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Spot 10 Differences – Alpaca Iris in Wartune Swamp

Hey guys, at DolyGames Wartune we also like to play a game of “spot the difference Wartune-style” and in this installment I have prepared the “Spot 10 Differences – Alpaca Iris in Wartune Swamp“, so do you think you can find them?

> some you might see quick, but others… 😛 hehehe

Spot 10 Differences – Alpaca Iris in Wartune Swamp

And I double-confirm, triple-confirm, there are exactly 10 differences between the pictures, so if you can’t find them don’t go shouting around hehehe 🙂

Feel free to post your comments below and try to do it yourself, don’t just read someone else’s answers 🙂

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  1. how do you get mount i get 0 mount and have over 100 or mount please do a video on your face box on get lot of mount and chest for free ty vm

  2. Great work …..had trouble with finding the 10th one.
    For me it was the water below the 3 tiny tower thingys in middle left 😀

    • 1.mounts threads or whatever they are
      2.middle left. 3 pillars
      3.water below them 😛
      4.mounts legs
      5.lower middle small plants and
      6.lower left the trees
      7.upper middle 3 walls
      8.upper right the top of that pillar
      9.upper left dead trees
      10.a dead tree in middle bottom (this one is well placed …lol)

  3. yes i see all ten differences

  4. extra row in castle
    different spire opening on right towwer
    small spires to left different qty
    different number of lily pads, front left
    differnt number of trees to left of castle
    pond size different to left of castle
    pond size different in front of castle
    extra large tree down front
    vegetation size different
    small trees front left differnt qty
    mount leg qty differnt
    mount reins different

    looks like 12 to me…

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