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Spot 10 Differences – Wartune Icons 1

Hey guys, at DolyGames Wartune we also like to play a game of “spot the difference Wartune-style” and in this installment I have prepared the “Spot 10 Differences – Wartune Icons 1“, so do you think you can find them? evil grin smiley

> some you might see quick, but others… 😛 hehehe

Spot 10 Differences – Wartune Icons 1

Note: it is a large high quality picture and the difficulty on this one is “VERY HARD”

Spot 10 Differences - Random Wartune Icons 1

And I double-confirm, triple-confirm, there are exactly 10 differences between the pictures, so if you can’t find them don’t go shouting around hehehe 🙂

Feel free to post your comments below and try to do it yourself, don’t just read someone else’s answers 🙂

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  1. sepulcrum left ball a few more than that right

  2. VIP Token, Rose, Bead of Influence, Goodluck Charm, Socketing Rod, Herculene Turtle mount card, Sylph Sepulcrum, Sun Core, Basic Offering, Red Copper.

  3. rose

  4. 1- red copper
    2- blue offering
    3- adv sepulcrum & hades skill
    4- sepulcrum
    5- sun core

    6- vip token
    8- bead
    9- good luck charm
    10- socketing rod

  5. Row 1.3 – VIP Token – changed center junction of the ‘V’
    Row 2.4 – Rose – right leaf extends upwards into rose
    Row 2.7 – Bead of Influence – upper line of center design
    Row 3.4 – Good Luck Charm – bottom center of design
    Row 3.6 – Socketing Rod – line in the pattern
    Row 6.2 – Mount Card – line thru nose
    Row 8.7 – Sepulcrum – changed size
    Row 9.1 – Sun Core – radiant light in top center
    Row 10.3 – Basic Offering – line on bottom left
    Row 11.1 – Red Copper – top left spike

  6. um, it is obvious who is using an image-analysis program to locate the differences.

    • there might always be someone who does that, but the most important point to understand is that the whole point of the game is to have fun and develop one’s brain so cheating is actually hurting oneself

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