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Special Characters Player Names

Hey everyone! In this post I question whether it is a good idea to allow special characters in player names. I am also adding a small poll at the bottom here for everyone to vote their opinion if you agree or disagree.

On the picture below you see an example of such a player with special characters in his name. I picked this up in Eudaemon Arena and it is one of the longer names I have seen of this type. Sorry in advance to this player – I am not picking on you, I just show this as an example.

Let’s start with the good points:

PROs of Special Characters in Player Names

  • Allows creativity.
  • Can decorate a readable name (example: heart PlayerName heart)
  • Allows naming in whatever language you wish.
  • (good for isolation and evil people) Prevents players private messaging you or sending you in-game mails.


  • No idea what to call the person; “Hello or Thanks < fk knows what >”
  • Not friendly or confusing for new players or people who don’t live on the internet.
  • Communication is a critical aspect in multiplayer games. This prevents players private messaging you or sending you in-game mails.
  • Minor point: can’t send roses or very difficult to do so.
  • Creates confusion in World Chat if there is a conversation including multiple “unknowns”.

My conclusion

I love the creativity aspect of special characters and I have seen some players utilize them in a very beautiful way. So this part I think is very good and it works perfectly if the player name is visible which is being decorated in which case I think it’s all around a good thing.

However, a lot of players do not know how to use special characters and a lot of the ones that do have ineligible names and here I believe the negatives are a lot stronger and I am against this. I think this makes the game less pleasant and more difficult.

A great solution could be to have names made up of 3 parts. An optional “before” and “after” where various decorations could be added and a middle obligatory part where English letters only (for an English speaking game; other language for other regions if necessary) are forced by the system. This can also allow nice emoji or other various icons provided by the devs which all players (not only few) can use to decorate their names.

Until such a system, given the positive and negative aspects of the current system, I must say I would vote against special character player names. What about you? Vote on the poll below:

Do you want players with special character names or not?

Do you want players with special character names or not?

View Results

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  1. I think they should allow the player to name them however they want. Sure there are pros and cons, but ultimately it should be the players choice whether or not to have a crazy name. Asking for an English name is just ridiculous in my own opinion because people play this game from all over the world and should be able to use their own native language for their own name. If you don’t know how to address them then just don’t talk to them simple lol, or you can pm them; click the name in chat and click pm and see what they would want you to call them. There’s already a lot of confusion with some English names when they use generic names like “archer”, So forcing people to use an English name with no special characters isn’t going to change that.
    Player1: “Hey is archer class any good?”
    Player2: “Archer isn’t in school” 😉

  2. Only English should be allowed in world chat as well

    • what if u were playing a french /spanish version of this game .
      what would u feel if u can’t speek english in world chat ?

      • There are dedicated versions of Wartune for various local markets, so for example French speakers are playing Demonslayer (the name of Wartune French)
        – COSMOS

      • idk but are u telling me i should quit wartune and go to the french version of game if i wish to speak french ? hmm
        what if i don’t like it there and i wanna play it here
        actually im arabic player and there is a version for arab ppl but it’s too old and only for cashers
        i believe i can speak my language any where , most mportant is i feel com fartable , other ppl who don’t understand it they just gonna have to live with thier lack of knowlage about arabic language

    • I realize that wartune has different versions of the game for different areas, but the fact is some might like this version better and people play on these servers from all around the globe. Some simply don’t even know English. I think that everyone should have freedom of speech including to speak in their own language if they so choose. Of course, if they are speaking to only English speakers then that may not be an effective way to communicate, but they should still have the choice.

  3. i think this happens bcs r2 don’t allow much symbols or decorated letters in character name as before
    i think players need to know all the symboles that is allowed to be written in the name
    bcs i believe the squares in the name suposed to be a
    decoration letters.
    or r2 can allow all the sympols and letter decoration again bcs lots of ppl like it so much 🙂
    my in game name is ღ♥°WarTune . i had it before r2 prevent symbols in character name thank gad ♥

  4. I had few friends who had special characters,depending where I was, I was able to read their english name

  5. when will Proficient City ever created Oceanic stand time server that i am from an Australian and hard time get on on time because all servers is full of USA West stand time i could love server transfer to Oceanic server if it created one… COME ON

    • what about the ones that use special characters to get around the censors?

    • P.S. if you created Oceanic & European and USA East you will get more people to come join it (saw many people call quit due from wrong time like work or sleep)

  6. I play on Euro server and to majority ppl in Europe english is not mother language so why english will be default langauge for names or chat. Very arrogant from dolygames nd native english speakers.

  7. i think in world chat and in any chat except private message everyone should speak english so everyone can understand it. it’s a sign of respect. and english is not my native language. About the name, everyone should be able to write the name he/she wants, but should be forced to not put all symbols, also some english letters with them so at least one part of the name can be read. If a person does not want to speak english but only his / her native language then he /she should go in servers dedicated to his/ her native language and not play on english servers.

  8. I agree with your pros but cons are kinda funny.
    – no idea what to call the person >> simply, thanks mate/dude or just copy nick name – there is such option in wartune to not bother with typing
    – not friendly or confusing for new players or people who don’t live on the internet >> hahaha. And names of people outside your country? Sometimes you need to ask how to spell it if you don’t want to make a mistake. So that cons is taken from the sky
    – communication >> copy nick name and just send info. Not a big deal
    – sending roses >> if you don’t have this person in your FL, you can’t send it anyway. Otherwise it is always there. I have non English char name and people can send me roses. Those people which are lazy to bother and search via list won’t send you roses 😛
    – confusion in world chat >> what? You are not forced to talk to them. But if you want, you can always send pm (just simply use pm option available in game – only two clicks). If people wants to spam world chat they will do. If they want to talk, they will talk. I don’t see any problems here.

    You are writing that some of people don’t know how to use special characters. 1st, you can always ask how to do that, if you want to use them. 2nd, devs allowed to use them. 3rd, if you can’t even copy someone’s nick then don’t bother. If someone doesn’t want to be called, pm-ed etc then why you want to change that. That person might be also a troll. In that case you an always do, what they do in movies: “from now on I will call you bob” 😛

    Suggesting rules for names is a censorship. If you are a game developer, you can setup such rules. But if you are a player, let others have fun and play.

    And yeah, my nick contains special characters. Did that to have a peace of mind in the game.

  9. i dodge players who use special characters for their ign like i dodge bullets (impossible but you know what am getting at) because i can’t read the player’s name for the most part :/

  10. Many are missing the point.
    It is not English that is the question but roman alphabet names.
    If I cant type in the name on my standard keyboard communication becomes difficult.

  11. I has to be functional! If your name was unreadable and you were in an event with multiple other unreadable names how to do work as a team, talk and address or direct folks to the needs of the event.

    I somewhat view people with unreadable names as people that do not want to be talked to, this is a multiple player game.

    If you can’t sing do not join a choir!

    Anyone that has attempted any organizational strategies in the game has a lot of difficulty with these names, the more with them the increased difficulty in a volinteer job that is already difficult enough.

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