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Hey guys, I hope you enjoy playing around with different fashion designs in Wartune as I do! I regularly change my look and usually I do not go for the existing sets but make my own unique mixed fashion set. This is also a way to feel nice even if you do not own a lot of different clothing sets.

So in this post I share with you the fashion set / design i made today which I call the SACRED VEVILI Fashion Set 🙂 – check it out below and comment on what you think of it and what fashion design are you wearing right now that you love?

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    This the clothing i use, it suits me, and it doesnt give much lag, so i dont have to hide the clothing, it doesnt give more lag then the hide clothing, only a bit movement

  2. Simple C-class clothing, hidden. Not a fan of fancy look (not to mention the LAG), cloth is just BR to me.

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