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Doctor from Hell – Wartune Clothing Fun

Hey guys, just a short fun post to share with you my “Doctor From Hell” clothing design that I’ve been having fun with in the last couple of days. Check it out below and if you have any funny clothing designs feel free to put in the comments below or email me. Also I tried to find a matching Title and the nearest one I found was Exorcist 😛

Info: if you wanna get the same look put like this: Healer’s Finery + Healer’s Weapon + Flaming Masque + Hide Wings + (optional) Ancient Snipe mount

Here is the big picture and 2 videos below:

Video 1: Doctor From Hell Short Video Standing

Video 2: Doctor From Hell Short Video Running Around

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. very nice done, i like it! 🙂

    • yeah.
      chick version sucks big ones

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