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Results of Testing New Resistances after Sep15 patch

Hey guys, I did some testing on the new resistances and share with you here what I think are phenomenal changes to Wartune before and after the September 2015 patch / game update.

To begin with, a short vision or description of the situation before the patch: the main this was the bigger the resistance the better (for PvP) so if some people invested heavily into expert dimensions and got a huge resist against a certain element they would be pretty much unbeatable versus that element. Now after the game update everything has changed and I show you below!

On this picture you see me, Cosmos, on the left hand side and my friend Paparass on the right. He is a lot stronger than me and we setup a test for resistances to check our hypothesis. So what was our hypothesis:

  • Based on our experience so far with the game update we had a feeling that resistances are nothing like they were before patch and might have hugely lost their significance, which we wanted to test.
  • Secondly, we had a feeling that defenses, i.e. PDEF and MDEF, have a lot more significance.

Resistances Testing Setup

We devised a simple test. As Paparass is stronger than me I wanted him on the receiving side and me on the attacking side. We setup Pararass with 3 different levels of Dark Element resistance (element does not matter, we picked dark because Pap could raise and drop it easily that day):

  • 18,500 Dark RES
  • 10,600 Dark RES
  • 5,500 Dark RES

I took my Dark Sylph Gaia and we went to test the following:

  • My damage to him in auto-attacks for all 3 of resistance levels
  • My damage to him with Gaia’s healing/damage skill (Devour Soul)
  • My damage to him with Gaia’s strongest Delphic attack (Endless Engulf)

Summary of Resistance Testing Results

What we discovered I consider to be really HUGE!!

Below I put a summary of the figures, but basically the result is that there is, of course, a difference, but the difference is not significant like it was before the patch. So in fact it does not matter at all if Pararass is with 5,500 or 18,500 resistance as the damage difference is not big enough to justify an additional 10k+ resistance amount, so clearly the PDEF and MDEF defenses started to play a much bigger role and the role of the resistances was significantly reduced.

What that means is that it is totally not needed or necessary to have say 20,000 resist against any particular element and it is much better to have say 5-7k resist against all or many elements. Therefore, seeing these results I went ahead and re-arranged my resistance crystals to have balanced resistances.

Scenario 1: auto attack damage

damage against 18,500 Dark RES damage against 10,600 Dark RES damage against 5,500 Dark RES
6k 11k 8.3k
5.5k 8k 8k
8k 4k (block) 6.3k
6k 8k 6k
8k 6k 14k
6.3k 8k 12k

Scenario 2: Devour Soul attack damage

damage against 18,500 Dark RES damage against 10,600 Dark RES damage against 5,500 Dark RES
30k 33k 30k

Scenario 3: Endless Engulf attack damage

damage against 18,500 Dark RES damage against 10,600 Dark RES damage against 5,500 Dark RES
44k x 2 55k x 2 50k x 2

Important Notes to still remember about Resistances

  1. If you can be relatively sure what kind of sylph your enemy will have then of course the more resist against that you can mount the better. For example, if you know you will fight an Odin then try to especially raise your light and dark RES.
  2. For dimensions it still matters to have as much as possible as every fight will cost less the higher you have it. That said, given that resistances matter a lot less now it also does not matter much if someone would start being lazy on dimensions.
  3. We did not spend massive amount of hours doing tests, so if someone really wants to get exact figures or more accurate results then of course with more time invested more accurate figures are possible, but this is for me a sufficient indication of what they did in the Wartune Sept. 15 game update.

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  1. Can u find poin where resists stop to reduce incoming damage and begin increase it?

    • we could try, but that would take a lot more hours and data and i already overloaded

  2. Seriously………..delphic endless ‘night’
    I am pretty shure it’s called “Delphic Endless Engulf”.😁

    • seriously, not a major point 🙂 i was writing the article at night and was really tired so 1 not-so important spelling issue – not a major issue, but I think it was called Endless Night before, but ok, i updated the article with the correct name, thank you

  3. did you also test pve by any chance? im especially curious about 2nd boss NR

    • Nope we didn’t but PVE is capped out much earlier than PVP because players have resist reduction, so if this is the result for PVP than i dont worry about PVE at all. That said, if you really need to pass some boss it does not hurt to max out.

  4. what about the RES Reduction ?has it change ?

    • we did not test that so i am not sure, but there is no point because there is no choice – we have only 1 place for 1 type of crystal so there is nothing else you can do in that space, while resists have a lot of different choices / types of crystals so it’s important to know what’s what

  5. how much reduce res had cosmos?

    • Cosmos has 4351 resist reduction

  6. how much reduce res had cosmos?

    • Cosmos has 4351 resist reduction

  7. why do you get with 10,600 Dark RES more damage than with 5,500 Dark RES

    • test its irelevant cause yet red res is low for every1 when that will change diference will be huge, cosmos has very low res red

      • Until there is another change that you refer to the test is very much valid. But yes, if/when they change the game again we should test again.
        Also I disagree that 3 x level 7 will crystals (4351 resist reduction) is very low.

    • michelle that’s due to attacks having a range of possibilities from minimum to maximum, so don’t look at it in terms of exact numbers but more like “those damage figures are similar”

  8. With 20k water res in Elemental Forest Hell, I still received resist of 65% damage reduction.

  9. To make thise kind of tests u have to reduce to mainimum the labilityes of the game for example using will destroier reduce the floating damages of crit. or reduce to minimum te block of the sparring partner (forget illusion of course) that’s why those results are not so relevants.
    8k 4k (block) 6.3k Really? Come on no bell ring?

    • yes some hits are critical, others not, because floating damage can’t explain 6k and 14k hits with same res. even fate levels increase floating damage. But it’s not important, you can do an average of damage and discover that with 18kres, damage received is 6k, with 10kres is 8k, with 5kres is 9k. So, with 18kres you get about 30% less damage than with 5kres. And when you are in sylph form, resistances are few important or useless.

  10. If u find time please post a study of reduce resistances after 5.0 patch. Another thing is that I was able to kill purgatory maze 30th boss before, but after the patch I can’t. What did I miss? Please guide.

    • Maze Boss is much harder post-patch. I could AFK him before without any problems at all and now I cannot kill him (only 1 time i managed after a lot of manual attempts and buffs). Just gotta get stronger.

  11. Im at lvl 18 on maze 70k patk and 60k pdef and 8k fire res. be4 patch was able to kill the boss minions. Now I cant kill even 1. 2 hits and Im dead. My point of view is they nerfed resistances awfully. Not cool.

  12. I appreciate a VERY lot this testing, but since I cant make it b myself…..I cant make my head around what and how res has changed since last patch.

    I do test in this way: 6x res crystals all of the same kind against ONE specific element.
    (WD astral ON,on the attacker)

    I tried with lv 9 res gems…i get A LOT more damage than i used to receive BEFORE patch (both pvp n pve)

    So I am now working on making a lv10/lv11/lv12 x6 res crystals…if you tried this way, can you post results in a more clear form?
    I got your point, yet since we are trying to be’scientifical’about this, but I find your tables a bit confusing.

    The bottom line you are saying is: dont have very high res, just have some res (like 3k/5k).
    I find this fairly true overall….but this fails all the time when I need HIGH res against a particular element.

    Another good way of testing what I am saying is to battle 1 boss in nerrandea too…before i was receiving 15kdamage, same setup after patch 50k….then 200k 1hit dead. (FIXED amounts no matter the different res or tries)


  13. Could you do some tests with res reduction? We will get this update in November and I want to know if res reduction is still the most important value…

    I did an easy test today:
    Defender: 800 res reducttion, 1.6kk
    Attacker: 1000 res reduction, 2.2kk
    –> 50k hits before slyph, 800k with slyph ulti

    Defender: 800 res reducttion, 1.6kk
    Attacker: 0 res reduction, 2.2kk
    –> 200 hits before slyph, 300k with slyph ulti

    The attacker allways won, but the difference because of res reduction was really big…

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