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Removing Items from Shops under Weird Excuse?

Hey everyone! There has been a “hidden?” announcement from Wartune (only in forums, not in the game) that within 2 days they are going to remove items from various tournament shops starting from the 9th of August.

They quote something called the “The American Independence Day Celebration and the mid-year July PVP Honor month” which I have never heard about. So unless I missed something this is a totally invented excuse to remove items.

Another sign of that is that they seem to be doing this in a very cryptic / non-transparent way, i.e. not announcing it clearly in the game, not informing well in advance and using not-so-clear English and an “invented?” event name as the reason for this action.

Here is what they posted:

[New] The mid-year July PVP Honor Announcement 8/7

Dear players,

The American Independence Day Celebration and the mid-year July PVP Honor month will soon conclude. The Essences of Zeus, Star Crystals, Moon Crystals, Sun Crystals, Pennant Ascension Stones, Pennant Engrave Stones and Resonance Crystals will not be available for exchange in Athena, Ares, Imperial War, and Hero Trial’s Army Shop starting on 8/9/2018. Go get ’em while you still have the chance!

Wartune’s 6th anniversary celebration will begin after the maintenance. Slay dragons, harvest resources, plunder lords, and challenge lords in a brand new 3-way PVP playmode – Wartopia. Follow the announcements on the official website for updates, we’ll see you in Wartopia!

Here I tried to collect all affected items, hope I got em all, comment if you have more info:

There is still like 1 day left until this change is implemented so if you wanted to spend some of your points go do it now.

Basically it seems the motivation is to remove these items to make it perhaps easier to sell them for balens. I really dislike these kind of “dirty” tactics used by the Wartune Team – if someone may have more information about this topic please share in the comments below. Trying to think positively perhaps they are removing them here to add them later elsewhere, but there is nothing in their communication about that.

  • What to you think?
  • Is this a good way for Wartune Team to work with players?

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  1. Yeah removing those items from the Athena, Army and Imperial shops was a bit abrupt, i certainly hope the Wartopia shop they also mentioned in that “down-low” announcement will offer those items..

  2. I think they have done this because they want peeps to spend more.

    • Yes I heard this to be the opinion from other players as well.

  3. It is currently August, right? I didn’t accidentally time warp into another dimension, did I?

    • Yes it is, we only get a 1-2 days notice from this announcement for only those players who will read my blog or their forum, so a lot of players won’t even know when this happens.

  4. Maybe they think they messed up by adding these items in the first place. I am sure many players have been saving those event items for a while and was able to get a bunch of items like ascension stones. So they make up some excuse to get rid of them, I have never heard of the independence day events.

    Let’s hope they add this stuff to wartopia, if we even get that. And according to the terra grass description, it says you get from wartopia. We will see

  5. i notice that item are in shop only for 2 weeks…didnt saw any announcement about it

  6. I am also hoping that the items being removed will be available from Wartopia. If they are not i can see lots of complaints in the forum after Wartopia is added.

  7. if those items are not in wartopia then players will be forced to have to spend to get them or do without

  8. .

  9. are they really trying to chase more players out of the game. they forget there not the only game in town

  10. I think that the placement of hose items was a mistake from start [
    And they fnally realized it was ,now we (the players )will be losing again like clothing shards

    • clicked before i was done sorry
      So like clothing shards these will mainly be semi cahser items,casue the tiny amounts we get r worthless

  11. its truley unbelievable at the underhand tactics of the idiot devs. it seems they want players to cash for these items. And we are in august and i look everyday for events and never saw any acknowledgement of a special mid july event independance day event either in any forums or posts. THEY JUST MADE UP A MICKEY MOUSE EVENT UP TO JUSTIFY WHAT THEY DOING


  12. Wartopia will not have any of the items removed from the other shops. It will give items for Dragonchant potency which is rubbish anyway and we have been using exchanges for so far. All the important items for Relic will be back to recharge and spending balens and in Limited Lucky exchange. As we know the drop % for Limited exchange is rubbish for much needed items. As Terra Grass was introduced in Limited exchange, so too will Hone Mount items appear in about 4 or 5 months. The good news is that I don’t have to waste my time on Hero, Ares, Athena wars no more. This game now really sucks….

  13. The announcement has been coming up in chat today. Wartopia 3-way pvp, could be good or bad, no prizes for guessing which way it is going to go lol

  14. To be fair, Wartunes did announce this in game on August 7th as well. I saw the announcement, I didn’t like it, but they did announce it in the game as well.

    • august 7th ? what about fair warning back in july WHERE INDEPENDANCE DAY IS? Game is gonna lose al ot from this im betting

    • No they did not do any proper announcement. A chat by Mentor or similar is not an announcement as not everyone can see that. A proper in-game announcement comes in the form of an in-game mail to all players and/or a page in the Hot Events with the announcement and a small reward to collect/confirm that you read the announcement.
      What they did and the way they did it was a very dirty / unprofessional tactic.
      – COSMOS

  15. Like if this was not planned!
    They are subtracting these specific items just before the 3 events (Athena, Ares & Imperial War) for this week that would have generated more exchangeable points for us to be able to get more of the items in question before they become available no more.
    And yes, they started posting in chat the retrieval of all those items as early as August 6th or 7th. But nevertheless, this is far from being a fair warning.

  16. the so called American independence day and mid year pvp honor events never happened this is a made up event that they think by claiming there was a event for these just so they can now remove all the relic items players need and the lack of info that is coming from them is the same bs the gave players befor even their mentors don’t have a clue about these so called events that never happened

  17. NEWS FLASH: Memory Lane Head Forum Modrator has posted this in forum…. “Okay so far we have been told,Cast Stone, Star crystal, Moon crystal, Sun crystal, Pennant Ascension Stone, Pennant Engraving Stone and Resonance Crystal will all be in the Wartopia Vault ( not sure what else will be in this shop) We are still waiting to hear if Wartopia is a permanent event or a rotation event.”

    So all the stuff they have taken out they will put back.

  18. i not see anywhere Wartopia so stop talk BS yourself

  19. when items are normally only useful for high br players they can get them as long as they are needed, as soon as most of cashplayers have what they need things get removed or put into places only higher ranked players can get them, so this is completely normal to the game.

    also the politics of “informing” players very rare or not is normal, so why be upset for a normal way devs treat players.

    and my personal mind, didnt need the items so far, now that i could use them there is no more way to get them than over the useless ways of pvp or sky trial (wich sukks cause of all the dumb idiots out there in the game)

  20. even when u can get items over shops they have stupid limitatzuns zo keep players from gettin up too fast (cant be a low player gets strong too fast, cause he saved items he needs to get stronger while could not use them)

    to “plotics”: did devs ever inform players or did mentors give any info to this change ? no didnt see any announcement ingame, but their info to the new anime game was spread for days every few hours

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