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148 million gold + 429 items for one +20

Hey guys, when I was watching Elia’s Sylph Equipment Enchant video I was pretty awe-struck at the huge amount of resources required to get one +20 equipment item. So I grabbed bits and pieces and made this 1 collage style image to share with everyone (you can enlarge it more if you want).

Sylph Equipment Enchant Madness: 148 million gold + 429 items for one +20

  • Elia started with ~212m gold and 952 Glints & Moonlights
  • for +10 she spent ~25 mil gold and 141 Glints & Moonlights
  • then she upgraded to purple
  • then an additional ~123 mil gold and 288 Glints & Moonlights to get to +20

I think this is a ridiculous quantity, because our level 80 equipment pieces cost ~93 mil gold to enchant to +36 using also level 8-9 luck stones and these are the top equipment items in the game…

What do you guys think? Do you find this a fair amount or do you agree that this sylph equipment enchanting cost of ~148 mil gold + 429 of Glint/Moonlight is just crazy? 

by the way for anyone who missed that video you can check it out below:

Elia’s video on Sylph Equipment Enchant and Upgrade

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  1. I think these companies should take a page out of the WWE. For years their monthly ppv were at least about $50 and the main ones (Wrestlemania, Summer Slam etc) were about 60. They finally went and got the WWE network and subscription is only $9.99 per month with ALL the ppv free plus a ton of other shows pertaining to their genre. And needless to say they are making more now than they ever did before. Bring cost to fans (also players) for equipment etc. down to something reasonable and you will have so many more playing the game and more funds coming in from the game.

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