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Q&A: How does BLOCK work in Wartune? Everything about blocking!

Question about BLOCK:

Can you explain how block works? Is it a reduction in % of incoming damage? and healing from knight’s passive as well? Also how many points must it be to be effective?


Okay, so, first off nobody knows the real formula behind things like block or critical, but people suspect that each 1 point in these gives a certain additional % trigger rate as well as % amount of reduced damage, so normally the more you have the better, BUT, we also know that the earlier points have a bigger effect than the later points, so for example the first 500 points make a bigger effect than the next 500 points and we also know that the higher level you get to the smaller the effect becomes if let’s say you always kept 1000 points. So they will be worth less and less as you level up, which means that the trigger rate will happen less.

So to summarize:

  1. Each point of block (or critical) gives a little more chance of triggering as well as % amount of reduced damage.
  2. First points give a bigger effect than later points.
  3. As you level up the effect of points is less so you need more to get the same benefit.

So what this means for your block is:

  1. You need more points to get more chance and less damage received.
  2. Even if you don’t want to max this get a little bit as earlier points count more.
  3. To keep it working as you level up you need to keep adding points.

Base Rate:

And remember that even if you put no points at all there is always a BASE trigger rate, which means that even without points it will work sometimes.

Knight’s healing skill with block:

As for knight’s healing that depends on their skill called Enhanced Block which at maxed out level 2 has a 100% chance to restore 4% of total health to you when you block. It is a passive ability. So the more health you have the more you heal per go and also the more block you have the more often this healing will occur.

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