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Q: How does someone who worked for everything respect someone who just paid for it?

Hi everyone! Recently someone commented this question “How does someone who worked for everything respect someone who just paid for it?” which I found to be interesting (speaking about Wartune only!) and so I decided to make this Q&A post to give my version of the answer and then everyone can discuss in the comments about this subject.

First, I will give the short answer, which I replied with on that comment, but then I want to get into some other angles.

A: Because those who paid also worked for their money and those are the people who pay for the game allowing everyone else to play for free.

That said I am actually going to argue against myself also a little bit.

The “Journey” Argument

The “against” argument is that a player who is playing a long time puts in a lot of effort, grinding, thinking, analyzing, reading and sculpting his or her character to be the best it can be. The player also creates friendships (+ teams / parties) and nurtures relationships which all help to progress. And some challenges or tasks can take some months to achieve thus the good feeling once you get there after putting in all the effort. So if someone shows up out of the blue and just buys that “destination” that seems unfair.

Note though that if you buy a golden medal and hang it in your apartment you would still never be able to buy the feeling of achievement of the person who put in years of effort to achieve that golden medal. So one argument is that while things can be bought, the feeling of achievement that you deserved or the relationships / friendships you built can never be bought.

So let’s use a recent example from Wartune that actually happened – the Tattoo system. Since it’s introduction many players gathered Henna and Advanced Henna very carefully and then used my analysis to use the correct amounts for the highest efficiency during events slowly working towards maxing out their Tattoos. This process took many months until one day Wartune moved forward and started giving out large quantities of Advanced Henna in easy rewards allowing everyone to easily raise their Tattoos. So a casher Wartune player especially was easily able to max them out in a short time after this happened.

On one side the player who spent months working on it might feel disheartened, but I would argue that you did that together with your friends – everyone did it together over time and everyone had fun and so your (and my) satisfaction came from going through that journey and finally achieving that destination. And that’s something nobody can buy.

The “Grand-Strategy” Argument

Then there is an interesting angle if you allow RL to be part of the game strategy. It goes like this:

Say you decide that you are going to spend an average of 5 hours per day on improving your character. Most Wartune players would do that by completing various quests/events and trying to increase the Battle Rating every day or regularly. But, what if you use 2 hours out of those 5 hours to babysit or deliver newspapers or create a program for an online client or some other one-off or part time job. And say you receive $7.50 per hour so for the 2 hours that makes $15. You still spend the remaining 3 hours on your character but now you have $15 in exchange for the 2 hours of some service that you did. This $15 now can be used intelligently in Wartune collecting several balen recharge and spend event rewards and maybe even getting items like VIP or Spirit which are hard or impossible to get for free, thereby boosting your character development significantly.

So this “grand-strategy” argument would say that a player who allocates those 5 hours to some work + rest playing is much more efficient than the one that spends the full 5 hours playing.

The “Player Type” Argument

This argument observes objectively that there are many different types of people who play games. There are people who have more time or can play more which we often call super active players and there are those who are busy on other projects and/or their family and let’s say they can only play 1-2 hours, which we call casual players.

We agree I hope that everyone has the right to play and have fun.

Based on that we can also see that a casual player could never beat the super active directly, so to “compensate” for their absence sometimes casual players would recharge in Wartune to get the items they want which they did not have time to get via playing.

That way everyone manages to play and have fun.

Note: naturally the most dangerous players in this system are those who are both super active and have the financial means to recharge a lot. This could be, for example, very smart individuals who manage to be very successful in their jobs achieving high results with not-so-may hours allowing them a lot of free time to enjoy anything they wish. Naturally there are very few such people as it is hard to achieve that level (although I think everyone should strive for it).

The “Game Support” Argument

Finally, there is the solid argument of supporting the running of Wartune (or any other similar system game). Wartune and other such games are free to play and majority of players are free players. However, to run all this the companies involved require regular investments (e.g. new patches) and monthly payments of equipment and staff. This is a very expensive operation and the money has to come from somewhere.

In this business model the money comes from “cashers”. These are usually a small % of the players who are able to recharge balens. In exchange for their contributions they usually receive game items faster that everyone else making them a lot stronger.

So some players see this as unfair and are negative towards cashers, but I always try to remind people that without cashers the game would simply not exist, so everyone should be grateful to them. This does not mean that everything is OK – there must be a healthy balance so that everyone can enjoy and this balance is hard to achieve, which is why when they hire poor quality professionals who also don’t understand Wartune and who make mistakes or add badly designed systems it pi$$es the cra*p out of players.

So what do you think about this Wartune discussion – share your opinions in the comments below.

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  1. Wartunes allows the Players to play for free, not the players. you want to buy fake items too support china who sells arms too NK go ahead. Dont come crying when they shut down the game and you dont get back the money you spent, can allways file bankruptcy.

    • since when a company have to give you back the money you spent there???

    • Money doesn’t buy happiness, never has :))

      • This can be said by someone who has alot of money only. ALOT of people would be very very happy if they had some extra money to spend and up their quality of life and don’t have to think and plan their spendings to have enough money to last for a month.
        There is alot of things that could make me happy but i can’t afford them because i have other spendings and i dont earn much, so saying thatm oney doesn’t buy hapiness is really false. I would like to change car so i can be sure it will start and i can get to work on time but i cant afford it and that makes me sad.

  2. I enjoy this game. Like nearly every online game, there are opportunities to move ahead if you spend a bit of money, and in the process I support the game and its development with small recharges. It’s like paying taxes or voting – those who don’t shouldn’t complain about the government. I support Cosmos financially too – he, like the game developers, cannot afford to give us something for nothing. I still have to work hard to develop my toon. Not crazy about mega-cashers, but oh well.

  3. il faut jouer pour apprendre et apprendre à jouer et ensemble c’est mieux :))) version english : need to learn to play and play for learn and together it’s better :))) and good article 🙂 i return to play ^^

  4. Play for free is more fun. Takes time to get everything but at least you get something to do in game lol
    I saw people spending balens and getting vip cuz they are a bit competitive and they want to get everything more fast to be top players or for rankings xD

  5. Looking back at the last sentence you said…what changes or ways could wartune be more funner and less S!*&y? it’s actually an interesting thing to talk about since the frustration between the non cashers and cashers annoy players alot and is always seen inside us

  6. respect is something you need to earn , has nothing to do with if you are a buyer or a free player , sadly there are some big spenders who only bully small players , taking effort of bugs in game(like deamon domain)wich is allowed by wartune , those players are killing the fun for all, those same players are getting angry if you say something about their behavior because they think they own the game

    • I really hate it when that happens in eudamon domain…when they change their br to then bring out 2 willpowers onto the field

  7. Play the game anyway u like. It should be fun for u or u shouldn’t be playing, Right? Wutz the point if it’s not. Let others play the way they wish and don’t sweat it. It’s a passtime for me so I don’t think buying the destination would serve me, i enjoy the journey. But, do remember, this game doesnt exist without a source of revenue. Thank you cashers and thank you wartune.

  8. Thank you for a very good and rational article about the different types of players. Was very interesting to read.

  9. I put basically the same comment on the fb post…I quit playing because of RL issues…I didn’t stop because of someone paying to play. I respected and enjoyed playing the game with everyone and I did play with some of the higher br people. They worked as hard as I did to get where they were on the game. Because they knew I worked just as hard even not being a pay to play player they respected me just as much. I miss playing and do miss the folks I played with…..MODI

  10. WITHOUT FREE PLAYERS THE GAME WOULD SIMPLY NOT EXIST. VIP players cant play alone. They are only 1% of the game total number of players. Much easier is to place an ADVERTISING BANNER visible all time in top of screen. And for VIP to be a limit bonus between 1% and 10% more power than free player. Not 80 millions battle rating for VIP and 33 millions for free players. When difference in Battle Rating is bigger than 20% (usually around 6 millions battle rating more), the lower player die in 2-3 hits. So until now, we all see Wartune all free players, not say Thank you, without you VIP not have with who to play.

    • And similarly, without cashers, this game would not exist either. So, a good solution to this is to strike a balance between cashers and noncashers, which I have yet to see on Wartune.

      • It is NOT similarly. Wartune free players (33 mil br fighting against 80 mil vip). Wartune NOT VIP players, or you can show me free player in any server with same difference of battle rating? Is there a free player with 125 millions battle rating?

  11. The thing is there will always be players who want to be at the top no matter how they do it, a bit like drug cheats in sport, also there are those who have the patience to grow their characters without the outlay of any cash, eventually the game will inevitably die, and it is the latter group who will be less cheesed of about it. When Koch ruined the game with the throne room non cashiers just left cashiers were up in arms about the thousands they had spent.

  12. Hello i want to ask something lol
    As a mage.. how can i get a decent matk without depending of dragonchant ? Im lvl 80 working to get my knighthood and My matk without DC is 406006 but with is is 637004
    I’m a free player and I really hate dragonchant lol

    • with matk gems, matk astral and matk eudaemon (the mage)

    • On my main account, i am free player with all talismans orange maximum enchanted. I never use there Dragon, that lower my battle rating more than 10 millions. Dragon is good to give extra power to upgrade faster in new server. Or for lazy players. But if you will be active and Hot Event lover, you soon will not need dragon mode. I use on vip accounts the dragon mode, because i not play much there, so no time for all Hot Events, that’s why i pay there some money, to keep battle rating up enough to be able to help my friends in combat. But i like most to play free player in main account.

      • I don’t have orange talismans they are purple right now +18 🙁

  13. Cashers/investors call them like you want.But they take out all the fun from the game.Last 5 patches proven it better than any words.Game is not about friendly chats and other stuff you may find funny.This is also about the competition.And again say what you want,this is impossible to compete with any kind of casher.Light,mediocre,heavy.Example is Outlands.Was a good reason to play it for smelt stones.But next month they started to sell it via big spender events.Bye-bye competition.Recharge and have fun.Most of free players found it useless to play anymore.Started to miss.Hence it became hard to get smelts.I can give more examples.Like the latest Sky trail update….go and get them.Nk against the cash.But separate the game in leagues.If my wallet is ok.I’ll join battle of cash.If not let me stay with my level.But don’t force my friends to leave the game.Like it was in level camping era.Lvl 80 for those who cash.Others were ok camping.

  14. i am a free player. i think free players and cashers should help each other in the game. it would be funnier and better for everyone

  15. Imo cashers are the ones getting screwed over by wartune,600$ sylphs drop like apples in lucky exchange and if you are 1 of the unlucky ones its still easy to make 1 for free.That happens with almost everythng u have to spend for,just see what happened the last xmas and valentine events.Insane smeltstone drops and 90% of the ppl on my server got all their titans to max animate lvl.Nice events but not when u are a spender.
    And for the non cashers that dont like cashers, if u dont like them then dont ask them to help u doing holy sword temple ans rift either , but i guess its not that big of a problem if u can leech of them to get your stuff done

  16. I spend 5 bucks a night, doesn’t put a hole in my budget, and I’ll get there eventually……….one day the person out in front will have no where to go……..and we all will soon catch up 🙂

  17. i have been reading all the comments now and in a nice world casher and free player would play good together. But the truth is free players want casher too help them with dungeon and be friends with them so you can use the sylph from so you get better place in sylph expedition. But same time you want to blame them for all wrong thing in game. Every time we get new patch you blame the casher for not giving away the place too you. When we got rift complains all day long, with sky now also the same. When check fb wartune it is complain all the time. In the end casher get tired off all the complain and dont want to help players who is nice up in your face, then turn around and speak shit about you behind your back. So free player if you want help too grow and make your life easier be nice and stop blame casher for all shit in game and remember casher also want the new stuff.

    • I’m curious…but was that “nice world” a thing in the past when wartune first came out? Or was it the same as ever but in a different form and timeline?

  18. i love your epic expliodsion and break down of pretty much all areas the one point you made the really stuck out for me was ”well there where way more than just one but i loved the one about whatmakes a powerful an dangerious player is someones thats active and i am shure if they added some funds to the equasion wow theyD be violl but i you touched on it i would defanitly like to add this one little veiw from where i am seeing it as i am not really what keeps the game alive you might say well just put it this way i dont pay and yeah but Thank goodnesses for those ones that do they make it all possable but even more i never woulda got where i am today if it wasent for them Great ppl that not only i owe everything to every day i check in but onced more those well structshured ones that are so strong the make it all possable to even have the game are the very ones i have always called to help me get through places i never woulda make it without them so not only do i respect them i thank them and they are dear really great friends Great ppl really love to be Great its just how they are it just what they do so what was the question 🙂

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