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[Poll Results] Human-only Characters in Wartune

Hey guys, the other day when I was chilling in the campfire in the Wartune farm, as you know, you can get transformed into another creature and I became that funny goblin-look-like creature which spawned the question: why do we have only human characters in Wartune and would people like to have more variety? So I setup a poll on this and present here the results:

Human-only Characters in Wartune

References for making my image: Thanks to: (1) Necromancer’s call by Athayar on DeviantArt (2) Lord of The Rings Hobbit Battle of Five Armies Elves (3) Lob Goblin, villain Skylanders: Trap Team

The Poll Question, Options and Votes:

The question I asked everyone was: Are you happy with human-only characters or you wish there was a variety in Wartune?

And the following were the options I gave to people for voting (and it was set as a multiple choice allowed poll, so players could select 1 or more of the choices):

I want a huge mix of all sort of crazy creatures to Wartune! 42% 176 Votes
Nopes, I love having human-only characters in Wartune! 37% 155 Votes
Yay! Add elves, high elves, dark elves to Wartune! 15% 64 Votes
Yay! Add undead, zombies, and dark creatures to Wartune! 4% 16 Votes
Yay! Add orcs and gobins to Wartune! 1% 5 Votes

The Poll Results on Wartune character race:

The winner came out to be the option where all and any creatures would be added to the game to make it as wide variety and exciting as possible. 176 players voted for this option bringing the total percentage to 42%.

However, a relatively close second place took the human-only option with 155 votes or 37%, which was really surprising to me.

Out of the 3 popular gaming race groups: elves and similar, undead and similar and orc/goblins the elves won the love of Wartune players the most with 15% voting for the elves and only 4% and 1% voting for the undead and orc/goblins. Does Legolas from Lord of the Rings have anything to do with this? 🙂

What does Cosmos think?

Not super important, but if anyone wonders what I voted for or what I think: I love to laugh to I like funny goblins who could be small with big weapons and stupid acting undead with maybe dropping an eye if critically hit by the enemy and i love the elves for their beauty, grace and elegance, so with all that said I think you get the idea that I love variety and prefer to be any world to be filled with as many colors and races and types as physically possible :), so of course i would wish that for Wartune also, so either that would remain a dream or some day could come true.


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  1. This is Wartunes if y’all are wanting elves and zombies and what ever else go play World of Warcraft get your account hacked monthly and by the time your account is unfrozen guess whqat Youve been hacked again

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