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Pokémon in Wartune!

Have you spotted any Pokémon in Balenor yet? Pokémon Go has pretty much taken over the universe, so I thought I’d join in the fun!

Pokemon Go in Wartune Eevee

Eevee by Hall of Heroes!

Pokemon Go in Wartune Oddish

Oddish in the wilds of Murken Forest!

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  1. when i’ve seen the firsts sylphs , i’ve seen these as “pokemon”. and sincerally to me not like them.

    game was nicer without mounts, wings, sylphs, euds.

    right as hero but more levels (not capped to 80th level) and more dungeon. better if them was solo. i love do a fast run in mpd. i invite also other players for help them, but when a mpf is hard and long, are annoying… should be nice have a survey on what we like ( only hero, hero sylph, hero mounts sylph , etc…).

  2. fake

    • yes is a fake. they have forget of put [fun]

  3. No pls not in wartune at least… this pokemon thing is making me crazy

  4. hehehehe pokemon

  5. events?

    • posted on our facebook page last 2 days each day was big spender and tomorrow is maintenance

      • so you post only on fb (the events) and not here anymore?

      • if it is only 1 line “tomorrow is big spender” i cannot very well create an article out of that can I?
        – Cosmos

  6. i’m became knighthood 2 days ago but in wb i can’t anymore do the double hits.

    how i may do them again? fatal strike can’t do double….

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