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Number of RES Crystals Needed during Synthesis Event

Hey guys, in this article I will give you a table and we will analyze to see exactly how many resistance (RES) crystals you need to synthesize all RES crystals during the RES Synthesis Event where they give unlimited duplicates of crystals for every synthesis starting from Level 3 such as the event we had on 3rd of September 2015. So I will give you straight away the fully calculated table and below that give you the explanations

TABLE: # of RES Crystals needed during Synth. event

Calculation Explanations

Synthesizing 2 x Level 4

2 x Level 4 =
= 4 x Level 4 (2 that you synth-ed+ 2 duplicate rewards) =
= 1 x Level 5 + 1 x Level 4 (+ an additional Level 5 from duplicate reward)

Synthesizing 3 x Level 3

3 x Level 3 = 6 x Level 3 (due to duplicate rewards) = 2 x Level 4 which becomes = 4 x Level 4 = 1 x Level 5 + 1 x Level 4 (+ another Level 5 from duplicates)

Synthesizing 5 x Level 3

5 x Level 3 = 10 x Level 3s = 3+3 x Level 4s & 1 x Level 3 = 2+2 x Level 5s = 1 x Level 6 (+ another one from duplicate) & 1 x Level 5

Calculations Explaining Level 9 Resistance Crystal

From Level 3

Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9
36 24 16 10 6 4 2

From Level 4

Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9
24 16 10 6 4 2

From Level 5

Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9
16 10 6 4 2

Final Conclusion

  • You need 162 Level 1 resistance crystals or 16,200 crystal shards to achieve a synthesis of 1 Level 9 resistance crystal during the RES Synth. event with unlimited duplicates. This is actually one, two or 3 days of dimension income depending on the types of dimensions, so actually pretty easy to accomplish for all VIP players and prepared free players.
  • Or simply synthesizing 18 Level 3 crystals to get 1 daily level 9, which you even get as rewards from dimension posts / towers.
  • You need a maximum of 72 level 3 resistance crystals to complete the daily rewards of 3 days (+ night reset) of the event.


These events usually run for 3 days + the reset night if you can catch it, so that’s 4 attempts. That means you gotta make sure to have 4 x 162 level 1 crystals to cover your daily rewards and whatever is left you can synthesize on the last day. Only rush forward if you calculated properly and can be sure that you can capture all dailies.

How many crystals you got COSMOS?

COSMOS’s Crystals before the Level 9 RES synth. event (that’s a ton of Level 9s). Note: higher BR people have a lot more.

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  1. need 3x lvl 8 for 1x lvl 9

    • No, then you did not understand the article. When you make 1 x Level 8 you get another one as a reward. So you just need to make 2 x Level 8 and you will end up with 4 x Level 8. 3 of these you use to make a level 9 and you still have 1 left.

      • This is what makes this event awesome. I usually pull in about 20k SC and 6k WC per day. A nice reminder too, is that Will Crystal synthesis counts towards the same rewards.

      • The table is confusing. If you start with 2x lv8, you cannot make 1x Lv9.

        It feels more clear to say how many res crystal are needed to make 2x lv9.

        3x lv8 -> 2 lv9.
        So you actually require 1.5 lv8 to make 1 lv9, not 2.

      • What you wrote is incorrect Simon. You still do not understand – please read the article. On top of that 1.5 does not exist, you can synthesize 1 or 2 or 3 but not 1.5. You do not need 3 x level 8s to make a level 9 as far as this article is concerned – you need 2 x level 8 (which will yield 2 additional ones making it 4 x level 8s, 3 of which are used to make the 9 and 1 is left).

  2. i already ran calc for what i have right now (didnt consider the income from the days during the event) and i have enough to have 46 lvl 9`s (already with the duplicate so i could make 15 lvl 10 😀

  3. you forgot something 🙂 will crystal will give the same rewards, and it is unlimited. So at the beginning of the event use all your will crystal from dims to get as many reward res crystal 4,5,6 etc. Use those to get the lvl 9 resistence crystal in the way you described. it helps.

  4. HI Cosmos,
    I am a regular visitor of your site from the beginning( the old one). Always like the things you do, share and explain. Though haven’t written any comment yet, I just can’t stop writing today. The mathematics you done is really praiseworthy like all your previous works. Though we wall know about it but many like me is lazy to do this,

    Really appreciate your work and thank you.

    • Super kind of you! Thank you!

  5. The table is helpful. But I never get that many crystals even in a week. Dimension war only drops 10 per event max. and rarely can i get a team to do maps. I’m sitting on 10 purple maps.

    • If you are doing dimension wars properly you will get a lot more then just 10. Even the basic maps give you 90 res and 30 wil crystal shards per level and with 3k energy you should have no issue finishing in a day. With dimes now I don’t even do maps anymore.

  6. Not sure if the calculation on the table is wrong. Should it be using 27 – Level 1 crystals to make a Level 4 RES crystal instead of 18?

  7. I think what a lot of people are missing and Cosmos is trying to explain is that when you make level 3 res crystals or higher you get 1 back from rewards and it is unlimited. So you use 3 lvl 2 crystals you get 1 lvl 3 plus a free lvl 3 from event. The chart is not hard to use and I am very happy that Cosmos has gone out of his way to make it for us.
    This is one of the best sites and I come on everyday to see what has been added.

    Great job with the site

  8. Hello,just one question this calculation is based from old res crystals synthesis event (when you could claim reward for making lvl.3) or new one (when you can claim reward for making lvl.5 crystal) ?

    • hi yes this one was made for the event which was from level 3 (you can see cost of 2 only starting from level 3 on the table)

      • if possible pls give us a post, based on the new resistance crystal event

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