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How (not) to Lose 38 mil Gold in Wartune

Hey everyone! This is a brief tip / reminder post on “How to Lose 38 mil Gold in Wartune” (not).

Perhaps someone else made the same mistake or something will make it in the future, so hopefully this post will help Wartune players avoid it.

The current maximum of gold someone can have in Wartune is 2,147,483,647 (just over 2 billion). While this looks like a really weird number, this is apparently something to do with flash capabilities so IT people out there will probably know the background of this number better than me.

If you go over this limit you will literally get zero gold from all rewards. So unlike that warning that you don’t have enough space in the inventory to pick up rewards, there is no such protection when it comes to gold in Wartune. There will only be chat messages that your reward was wasted, but the game will not stop you from picking up rewards (and therefore completely wasting them). So the only protection is that we have to be careful ourselves and spend the gold one way or another and not allow it to reach the limit.

On the picture here you can see the mistake that I did. My gold had reached near the limit (it had gathered over time plus I did Dragon Invasion that day) and with my mind in a million places trying to do many things at the same time as per usual “busy-ness”, I did my World Boss run and lost 38 million gold as shown on the picture because there was simply no space for it.

One quick place you can spend gold if you are in the middle of a Dragon Invasion is on Astral Slot Refining. Otherwise, if you have access to the farm then usually buying animals is the fastest (animals buy and sell for the same price).

The usual “big” gold spending is done during Holy Forge events when you can do 1000 forges. Saving up a bunch of animals will certainly help to do this.

So that’s it, just a tip / reminder not to forget to keep your eye on your gold and don’t let it reach the limit or you will lose rewards!


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  1. Many people have said this gold limit is a limit of flash and I really don’t understand that. They also say this is the same reason world boss hp can’t be increased.

    How can that be a limit of flash? Go look at the exp or level rankings and there are numbers in the hundreds of billions.

    • It was explained a few times over the years but since I am not an IT guy i could never remember the explanation; maybe some IT person will comment about it
      That said, even if there would be such a limit you could easily reduce damage done to WB by 100 and increase reward by X which would accomplish the same thing as increasing HP, but the general feedback was that devs are not interested in increasing WB HP because they gave more gold income via other ways such as DI.
      – COSMOS

      • 2,147,483,647 is the maximum value that can be put into a single 32bit integer, flash has not and will never be updated to 64bit as they are shutting it down in 2020.

        While I have not looked at the coding in this game my first assumption would be that because gold is supposed to be spendable it needs to (or easier if it) stay in the same integer, while when you look at exp it doesn’t need to be spent so its a fairly easy job to move it into a new integer every time the first one fills, if you could spend that exp in some way you’d need to be able to reverse that action without introducing bugs/exploits, while quite doable I’m guessing they weren’t willing to try that.

      • Yes, it would be very easy to make a -90% damage buff/debuff for WB or store thousands (K) and hundreds of gold in different memory addresses. I think the main reason, they just dont want to do this.

      • Daru goes way over that and can be spent

  2. Psy but we spend exp on normal talents and advanced talents on our way to KH, shouldnt that logic of the gold be aplied here also? just a thought, i know nothing about that.

    • Gold and WB hp issues is definitely doable. One of the Chinese versions one time had boss with ~38 billion HP (I saw a screenshot). It is not a big deal. Libraries for big numbers in flash do exist. It is not a rocket science.
      But devs lack motivation to do it, because this will not bring them money and they do not lose money.

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