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New Wartune Patch Mount System – Wolf / Beast / Mobs – CHINA version

Hi everyone! In this post I share info on a new Wartune Mount system on top of the Mounts icon which might arrive in the upcoming Wartune patch. As you will see the pictures are from the Chinese version, so I cannot know for sure if we will get this or not. Special thanks to Andreyomsk for his email and thanks to Liehfp who had shared the pictures.

Again this is from China version. We may or may not get this.

So there is a new icon on top of the Mount icon to enter this new system:

All the Options & their Skills / Abilities

It is also possible to see all the different beasts / monsters available but I don’t know if we have to pick one like we see below in the pictures or if we will be able to get them all over time:

System Activation

In order to activate the system we have to talk to an NPC in the Cloud City. Most likely there will be a new quests in the Quests list which will guide the Wartune players towards this NPC.

Starting with the Wolf?

It seems we have to do various fights through which we gain experience and level up the wolf, which is the EXP shown in the top middle part on the picture above (EXP 0/335).

There is a map with levels / stages which probably get harder the further you get:

And it looks like we will be able to get a bunch of these beasts / monsters to make a party (looks like the Eudaemon party window):

As per usual there is a BOSS fight and we get rewards for winning:

Wolf / Monster stats window:

I suppose similar to how we have Eudaemon / Willpower window with stats, these seem to also have a similar version:

And a tap with their skills or abilities:

which we also have to level up to, looks like, level 10.

And they also seem to have both Active and Passive skills in the 2 different tabs.


It is not too much info to judge and they did re-use bits and pieces of existing concepts, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I am happy to use or re-use nicely designed Wartune mobs from old dungeons we haven’t visited for years 🙂

I’ll try to update with new posts when I find new information and if anyone else has more details please share in the comments below for everyone to benefit.

Also please note that we don’t always get the same things that China has, so we might get this system in the April patch or another patch – I don’t know for sure at present.

Post in comments if you like the idea of this new Wartune mount sub-system and if you are excited about it or not.

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  1. i hope the sylph road event come in the next event and the next and keep comming not just one time

  2. i think players want to know what are that 2 points near red circle in cloud city… LOL… i see you not even noticed them LOL… age, age…

    • Hi, I post what I can, I am not an all-knowing God 🙂 just a simple person 😛
      If / when I have further info on those Wartune points I will post

  3. Looks interesting I guess, but I don’t see much use in it. I’d like to see a new level system after knighthood with better skills especially for mages, and have a new gear upgrade and new mpd, maybe new difficulty for existing mpd’s like HST with polishing and breakthrough orbs (maybe 500 polishing and 100 breakthrough), a new spire with more fashion cores (double at least), stuff like that. That would bring interest in playing again I think.

  4. Hi, has there been any discussion as to the continuation of this game when Adobe ends support for Flash later this year.
    Seems pointless to dump any more money into this game if it is going to just shut down in the next year.

    • last time i heard from the Wartune Team they said keep playing don’t worry
      other than that and the situation update article i had posted previously there was no additional communication

      • Do we know what lvl they have to be before we can evolve them?

  5. How to get a 2 star

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