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New Wartune Patch Game Hall – Eggs & Shop – CHINA version

Hi everyone! In this post I share info on a new Wartune Game Hall mini game / feature which appears in a 2nd tab of the current Game Hall. This might arrive in the upcoming Wartune patch. As you will see the pictures are from the Chinese version, so I cannot know for sure if we will get this or not. Special thanks to Andreyomsk for his email and thanks to Liehfp who had shared the pictures.

Again this is from China version. We may or may not get this.

So there is a new event, which might be happening at a specific time because there is an icon for it:


The access remains via the same NPC via which we go to the Game Hall.

And to see it we need to open up the 2nd TAB in the Game Hall while in the 1st time the familiar 3 games remain:

  • Speed Clearance
  • Minesweeper
  • Dimension Crises

And in the new 2nd TAB:

  • I don’t have the name, something with Eggs + there is a Shop

It seems that this new mini-game might send the player to the WILDS / Wilderness where perhaps we need to find those eggs. That’s from the 1st button in the picture above.

The 2nd / middle button next to the eggs directs the player attention to start the mini game. This is via the right side of the window which takes the player to the current Game Hall party creation window.

And the 3rd / bottom red box / gift button takes the player to the Shop:

The Shop

Here there seem to be 2 pages of items:


That’s all I have for now.  I’ll try to update with new posts when I find new information and if anyone else has more details please share in the comments below for everyone to benefit.

The shop items don’t seem super exciting but that will depend on their cost per item and also it depends on what will be inside those chests / boxes.

Also please note that we don’t always get the same things that China has, so we might get this system in the April patch or another patch – I don’t know for sure at present.

Post in comments if you like the idea of this new Wartune Game Hall feature and if you are excited about it or not.

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