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Maintenance 22 December 2016

Hey guys, tomorrow will be a maintenance in Wartune with an interesting note about Magic Square.

Maintenance timing is: “All servers will go offline for update maintenance from 00:30 to 05:30”

And the notes are:

1. Adjusted Magic Square rewards.
2. Fixed the issue in which players could not successfully change Eudaemon names when the new name contained special characters.
3. Modified some translations.
4. Fixed the issue in which VIP Subscriptions counted in recharge events. (VIP Subscriptions are not supposed to count in recharge events).

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  1. so its either they nerfing the amount of rewards u get cuz of the pattern that gives huge points
    they giving more whips cuz tok nm gave 3k whips i opened 39 boxes this week and got 120 whips big diffrence in whip rewards

  2. what means rewards adjusted? … more or more less mount whips? … 😉

  3. we been use had

  4. If we have chests now, will they be changed over to new rewards?

  5. I like how they say its an issue that paying for vip counts to event lol its only an issue to the greedy fuckers at wartune we all like it

  6. just maybe stop sayin every thing here coz u know they lookin at this when you post good things they change it for the bad somethings need to be left unsaid btw your tip on post grab you messed all free players up now that they don’t match guild till 3 months later that makes it unfair to many you know all cashers are greedy to a point

  7. Im greedy beyond a point lol scrooge

  8. Is “adjusted” the new “optimized” code word for severe nerfing? I assume rewards means what we get in chests. I can’t imagine them actually increasing rewards. Maybe replacing a drop in chests to something else. We’ll see once the maintenance is over. I’m hoping for Titan Temple skills to be fixed, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • No,

      looks like 60 whips for every box.

  9. HAving issues loging in certificate issue, any having such issues

  10. nerf or not…last 2 weeks witch square didn’t drop any whips…

  11. no news about whips?

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