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LOVE IS Series for Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I launched Wartune LOVE IS Series! Wishing everyone much love! 🙂


…taking pictures in the Cloud City on Valentine’s day.

LOVE IS SERIES taking pictures in Cloud City

…reviving farm seeds without being asked 🙂

LOVE IS SERIES reviving farm seeds

…drinking a power up potion together 🙂

LOVE IS SERIES power up potion

…teaming up for a dungeon even if there is a big BR difference

LOVE IS SERIES teaming up with BR diff

…riding the same Stables Mount.

LOVE IS SERIES same Stables Mount

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  1. love stinks

  2. my eudaemon mark shards are overstacking what do i do?

    • gather or summon sell for warpath crystals

  3. 😀 😀 😀

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