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Likely Truth About Dimensions Offerings

Hey everyone! As many players probably know, following a recent Maintenance the Offerings in Dimensions were significantly increased from near to nothing to a lot. This was like a 180 degree change in settings and so those players who did or re-started doing Dimensions in Wartune got a whole bunch of these Offerings of all types: Lesser, Basic, Greater and Ancient.

Flooded with Offerings some players started deleting the Lesser ones to save some Inventory space, because, in any case, you can only use 3 Offerings per day.

Their Lie & Fix

So now the companies announced that this was supposedly part of the plan and since players are happy they will keep these settings until the next weekly Maintenance, probably August 3rd. After this they will reset the Offerings to the original level, i.e. basically no Offerings anymore.

Likely Truth of What Happened with the Offerings

However, this was most likely just a pretty invented story, also known as a total lie. What happen in reality was most likely someone from their employees fked up and made a mistake in the drop settings. This is also why they never communicated this so called positive action for players, because they never planned to do this. They probably didn’t even know that they made this mistake and found out later, possibly from reading my blog which they regularly do and/or from player reports. Then they probably judged that because there is a daily limit of 3 it is not worth it to initiate the procedure of the Emergency Maintenance which is a lot of extra work and just decided to fix it on the next Maintenance.

So a crappy job, covered by a crappy communication and, worse than that, concluded by a crappy fix, instead of at least bringing them to some lower acceptable level rather than back to zero (hopefully they might still read this article and make a better fix).

Action for players:

Do as much of Dimensions as you can until next Thursday’s Wartune Maintenance and gather up as many Offerings as you can until they stop them.

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  1. so try to do at least 2 expert dims to get as many as possible.

  2. 1500 energy sucks bad and the fact that they don t restore the energy after reset. Cant do more then 1 per day.

    • there are maps that can help you with that.

    • if you do exp maps completely and and get the silver key you can do 2 full maps a day just have to let it build up a bit before doing the second map

  3. some of my guildies said is an ‘event’

    LMFAO…i still believe is more like a bug/some1 screw up

  4. I think people were still not doing dims and this was another effort by wartune to get more people do it. Offerings give stuff that most people don’t need like magic inn. (except whips i guess)

  5. why not suggest to do some good surprised dropping like that regularly but need to be a VIP or have Spirit Covenant to do it. I just activate a VIP card after 3 months without it, I was VIP for almost 5 years, can be a good source of income for them
    I will continue without them like many of us if drop really stop after maintenance

  6. They obviously entered the decimal place in the wrong spot for offering drops. Usually when they nerf things they do not announce them (actually, they never announce them, but sometimes use the code word: “Optimize”). When they something is optimized it’s nerfed. But they should have done it anyway since offerings were non-existent for months (or virtually non-existent. How bad will the nerfing be? You won’t have to worry about that 3 offering limit for too much longer.

  7. They fked up again but at least we had a “bonus”. Droppings have been set to normal for now (1-2 per lvl) and will disappear with time I guess.(for nfo i did 15 offerings for 3 lvls in bonus time) Just an ordinary trick to make ppl doing dimms … boom for a week and then left to misery đŸ˜‰

  8. All the stuff that we could get from offerings (for sylph enchant+evo, sylph gear enchant+refine) its 2-3 year old content and must be free.
    But they still trying to nerf it and sell it o_O

    • I don’t see that as a problem – only thing so many of us were critical about was their clear lie about increased Offerings instead of apologizing for making a mistake and telling the truth and then their nerf again to oblivion instead of having a fair setting respecting the current state of the game.

  9. Not a bad thing, I love your amazing page and all the help. Big fan! but actually there was weekly maintenance post in the forums and the patch note said : added a way to obtain offerings..Bla..Bla..Bla.
    The first idea was to increase the rate of offerings.. i don’t know now why they removed when they posted that in the forums. THEY DID! was not a mistake.
    Here is the proof — forum.r2*****.com/forum/browser-games/wartune/news-events-aa/1920184-wartune-weekly-maintenance-07-20-04-00-am-edt —

    • By the way, I commented the previous post you did about offerings and I told you they always nerf something that is free for everyone.. but I never imagined they were going to remove it all lmao

  10. Again, the occurence of dimension offerings is much higher….

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