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Bloodfang Survive Method and Sequence – Knights only

Hey guys, since a lot of knights have a problem with Bloodfang survival and since knights are already so penalized in Wartune, I am making this post to help my fellow knights and explain my survival method and attack sequence with Bloodfang.

Bloodfang World Boss is different than Redoga in the way he attacks, he hits much harder and so is much more difficult to survive than Redoga Drake.

Surviving Bloodfang

However, knights can survive him using 2 shields – both Apollo shield and Mars’s Will, but this also means that you will completely waste 2 turns as well as rage. It also means you will not use Delphic attack at all since you will not have the rage and it does not match the timing.

  • Super strong knights might manage to survive with just Mars’s Will.
  • Just strong knights can do with both Apollo shield (or Agoran if stronger person) and Mars’s Will
  • Lower strength knights might manage with all 3 shields, but I would not recommend, so here just do normal better.

My Attack Sequence

I tried all sorts of combinations and have settled with the following one. Sequences where delphic destroyer was included were too risky or unpredictable, since the speed sometimes would get upset and double attacks with slasher would fail ruining the whole sequence.

  • Start with Ultimate Slasher — (#2)
  • Double Attack (Auto attack + Slasher) — (Auto + #1)
  • Again Ultimate Slasher — (#2)
  • Mars’s Will (make sure not to do Apollo here because Apollo is super slow and can make your next move fail) — (#5)
  • Double Attack (Auto attack + Slasher) — (Auto + #1)
  • Apollo Shield — (#4)
  • Prepare Ultimate Slasher >> here WB does his ultimate attack <<
  • Activate Sylph with Rune and proceed with a full sylph run with as many sylph double attacks as possible

Results and Discussion

Now without survival high level knights make about 150-250k gold/daru per World Boss run. With the above method this can be increased to ~400k per run, but of course this is not a direct increase since it takes a longer time. In the same time mages and especially archers will be making 300+ without survival, so it’s not like knights can an advantage here, just an improvement versus regular.

Depending on your Wartune experience and internet connection/PC you might be able to make a more damaging sequence, but the above is a safe sequence with predictable stable income.

For tips and requirements on surviving World Boss in general read my post called “Making Tons more Gold Daru by Surviving World Boss” located HERE.

COSMOS Final Blow World Boss Bloodfang 9 Sept 2014

Also to finish on a fun note, I got lucky with a nice Gaia (now Eve) Flash Storm winning me a final strike with 1.7 million gold reward:

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  1. U can also use simple shield just before final attack it works

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