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Kabam Servers Move to Wonderhill

Hey everyone! Following the acquisition of Kabam by Netmarble Games, partner web games (which includes Wartune) moved on 23rd of May to Wonderhill.

The affected Kabam games / servers are:

  • Wartune
  • Angel Alliance
  • The Godfather: Five Families
  • Edgeworld
  • Kingdoms of Camelot
  • Dragons of Atlantis

What changed:

  • Your game account will transfer to the new site, so no action should be required by players.
  • This migration only affects which site you’ll use to access the games.
  • It does not affect the game servers themselves, where your data is stored.
  • Your game account login details will remain the same.
  • If you have bookmarked your favorite game URLs, you will want to change your bookmarks once the games are in their new home.
  • Forums for the above games will also be moving to the new site.
  • Also as part of the move, you’ll start seeing some changes to purchase receipts, which will now come from Aftershock Services, Inc, rather than from Kabam.


If anyone has any further information or news please comment below to help your fellow Wartune players.

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  1. I had problems getting Chrome browser to work.
    I got a message that flash was needed. I had to go to Chrome an allow flash to be run. This was under settings in chrome and search for flash. Under content settings scroll done to flash and click on “Allow sites to run flash”

    • yes that’s a more or less recent problem within the Chrome vs. Flash battle
      I actually use other browsers for Wartune and this is one of the reasons
      (this topic is not connected with this article though)
      – Cosmos

      • Well we were offline for 2 hours at 8 pm and then flash message.

  2. has the tet server gone or they just fixing it

  3. Why is hobbit kingdoms of middle earth using this? Why isn’t it on gaea servers

  4. 502 bad gateway

  5. Piss on me I’m on fire

  6. hi guys,hay can you all tell me where did edgeworld go?or have thay killed the game?havent been able to log on or find it anywhere,thanks for any info and take care,,,

  7. no puedo inicar s44 europe de wartune kabam si alguien pueda ayudar…..x nolo encuentro

  8. I was given this number(************) to continue my game,Where do I login?

  9. the wonderhill servers have been down for weeks, so I’m assuming they finally dropped us 300 or so hooked players who still payed to play it in the US.

  10. where is dragons of atlantis T-T

    • this is a blog about Wartune – not other games, sorry

  11. I used to login with Google account, and I didn’t set up game account. What should I do?

    • Aaa nvm, I’ll contact the support.

  12. How i can recover an account witch it was logged with facebook ???

    • I don’t work for Facebook or any Wartune company and therefore have no access to anyone’s account so you should contact them, not me (this is a Wartune blog)
      – COSMOS

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