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Ex-Kabam / Wonderhill Migrated to GAMEROCKS

Hey all! I am making this post as it seems some Ex-Kabam / Wonderhill players are still confused or don’t know where to login.

Fact Sheet:

  • Wonderhill closed 31st December 2017
  • They started data migration from the 28th; also recharge was not possible since that time
  • Now the affected players must login / play via GAMEROCKS!
  • Do not create a new account – login with your existing one

Issues = Work with Game Support:

  • Some players still have problems such as not remembering or having email or password
  • You have to work them out with the game support – don’t message me to fix your account I do not have such powers
  • Don’t stress! Most likely game support will work it out for you, but they could be overloaded with tickets. Make sure to give them all info including screenshots which I hope you took as I advised.
  • Use “Gamerocks Migration” in the title of your ticket
  • Explain as short and as clear as possible – don’t overload support with big texts and messed up language

They did a bad migration / management job

  • Yes they did a bad job, work with what we got – no other choice
  • Connection not secure / no SSL / encryption is not properly done (thanks Gra) – some players’ confidence to recharge is shaken
  • But hopefully they will improve / fix problems

If anyone has additional tips / info for people for this Wartune migration please comment below.

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  1. From what we know on our server so far only issue of being unsecured is using Chrome, IE and Nitro r fine

  2. kabam Wonderhill gamerocks are equal or worse a trash

  3. ├ęs ha nem engebe akor mivan pedig mindent tudok de [email protected] volt de nem enged be

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