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Ex-Kabam / Wonderhill Migrated to GAMEROCKS

Hey all! I am making this post as it seems some Ex-Kabam / Wonderhill players are still confused or don’t know where to login.

Fact Sheet:

  • Wonderhill closed 31st December 2017
  • They started data migration from the 28th; also recharge was not possible since that time
  • Now the affected players must login / play via GAMEROCKS!
  • Do not create a new account – login with your existing one

Issues = Work with Game Support:

  • Some players still have problems such as not remembering or having email or password
  • You have to work them out with the game support – don’t message me to fix your account I do not have such powers
  • Don’t stress! Most likely game support will work it out for you, but they could be overloaded with tickets. Make sure to give them all info including screenshots which I hope you took as I advised.
  • Use “Gamerocks Migration” in the title of your ticket
  • Explain as short and as clear as possible – don’t overload support with big texts and messed up language

They did a bad migration / management job

  • Yes they did a bad job, work with what we got – no other choice
  • Connection not secure / no SSL / encryption is not properly done (thanks Gra) – some players’ confidence to recharge is shaken
  • But hopefully they will improve / fix problems

If anyone has additional tips / info for people for this Wartune migration please comment below.

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  1. From what we know on our server so far only issue of being unsecured is using Chrome, IE and Nitro r fine

  2. kabam Wonderhill gamerocks are equal or worse a trash

  3. és ha nem engebe akor mivan pedig mindent tudok de [email protected] volt de nem enged be

    • Hat hallod …nekem facebookal volt bejelentkezve de azzal mar nem tudok

  4. Why did Godfather: Five Families get left behind? I spent so much time into that just like many others.

  5. How do I logon to continue my game from WonderHill

    • as explained in this and previous article that you read WonderHill Wartune has migrated to Gamerocks

      • what about edgeworld are you gonna run that game???

  6. Did Dragons of Atlantis also move there? If so, i cant find it there

  7. how do i make a ticket on this issue is it thru r2 games? dont know what to do

  8. can anyone tell me how to play edgeworld

  9. anyone know anything about where i can play Dragons Of Atlantis, did they migrate to Rockgames as well.

  10. kabam 75 est

  11. I wish Wonderhill would have never sold out.I miss Green Spot and Dog World that was on Myspace.They had Enchanted Garden on Facebook.Those were some of the best apps I ever played.

  12. where is edgeworld only 2 games are there

    • I miss edgeworld as well still only 2 games wish wonderhill was still up this stinks surprised koc is not there either

  13. What happened to the wonderhill The Godfather servers? Did they moved it as well?

  14. Hi i have problem with login in my account in Wartune.When they migrated to new serwer GamerRocks im loose my account.I try login in GameRocks login site and then i read text YOUR EMAIL IS NOT EXIST.
    What im now to do to login in my account???????????
    I play on S159US WEST.

    Write to me my email:[email protected]

    • Hi you are extremely late, this migration happened long ago. You can try to contact their game support and try to get help from them. This is a Wartune blog, not game support, sorry.

  15. Where is Godfather: Five Families??? How do I access it??

    • Hi this is a Wartune blog and as such does not cover other games.

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