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I own a house in Wartune

Hey guys, one of the awesome things in Wartune patch 5.2 was finding out that I own a house in Wartune! How cool is that?! I am a Homeowner! Sweet!!! 🙂

But there is one small tiny problem – I have no idea where my house is… so if you see it please send me a little message sylph bird. Thanks in advance! -Cosmos

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  1. Theye just add stupid things to make patch have Many things but If we look good there is only 1 or 2 things what they add realy

    • They need to stop adding more, just fix some stuff! Tattos, seriously? My brother just tanked!

      • this TaT thing is very weird and stupid .
        it’s give or take thing and it make me very angry .
        i am a free player lvl 80 will 330K hp and u give me -30 in END
        ARE U KIDDING ME ?!

  2. One of the old china patches a while back had houses for players. Located in your farm area, you could build a home with your spouse. You could even buy and upgrade furniture.

    And yes, I’m serious. There should be a video somewhere on youtube (couldn’t find it myself).

    • you are right. i have one account in china servers (but i dont play much because no know the language) and i saw they have house and children too (instead of eudaemon).

  3. Its just an indicator of the room owner/leader.

  4. thats a Metapher. it means you cashed so much, that you could buy a house for that money you spend there

    • eheh funny comment you are right for be very strong in wartune would need spend so much money same to buy one house in real 😛

  5. Seriously you don’t understand what homeowner means? It’s because that is the room leader. Omg was so difficult? -_-

  6. lmao tell me you are just joking ahahah

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